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Guest Reviews

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A place we won't forget.  Wondrous people and atmosphere with lots of ambience.  Office staff aims to please!  (10-1-23)


Love this lil place!  We will come back.  Clean.  Quiet!  Quaint.  Fenton MI (9-30-23)

Such a lovely,  quaint, clean motel.  Thank you.  (Sept, 2023)

Thank you.  Very cute motel.  Great location.  (9/23/23)

Thank you for sharing your fabulous little inn with us.  Loved the little details, like the little spruce tree embroidered on the pillows.  This was a lovely place to live while reliving my childhood here in Ludington.  All the best.  Linus.  (9-2-25)

Thank you for another great stay.  Until next year!  M & J.  (9/1/23)

Thank you for a beautiful setup.  Loved my stay here.

Loved the bed and also how quiet it is here.  Labor Day.  Thanks.  Jim and Julia. 


Your place is just right for me.  Thanks.  I'm happy I found you.   Linda.  (8-18-23)

Our third visit and we will be back.  Love the place.  Thank you for another awesome stay.  Phil and

Thank you for a lovely weekend.  The Blue Spruce never disappoints.!  Hopefully, we will see you soon.  Jesse and Sher.  (8-14-23)


Ahh...quaint, cute, impeccably clean.  Loved the coffee, the full-length mirror, and the full-size Kleenex.  Luxury!  Ludington is a gem--even without the Badger.  God bless Muriel, Debbie, and Gavin, all who read.  Tom and Linda (8-13-23)


First time to the area.  Great place to stay.  Loved the quaint feeling and the friendliness. (8/7/23)

One year wedding anniversary.  It was a great place to stay. Nice to stay with other Christians and see God working in other's lives.  (8/4/23)

Thanks so much.  Your place is lovely and we had a great time!  Love Hannah and Toni from London UK. (June 2023)


Three days of rest and at the Blue Spruce Inn, our favorite place in Michigan. Celebrating our 24th anniversary and our third one here in this beautiful area.  We enjoy exploring it a little more each time. Resting our heads at the Blue Spruce at the end of the day brings not only a good night's sleep but peace and comfort. We look forward to our return.  Thank you for great memories as we return home.  PS.  Room 7 is our favorite.  Melanie and Walter.  Johnsburg, IL. (June 26-29, 2023)


What a lovely place. We are so happy to have landed in Ludington from our four-hour float across Lake Michigan to the special Blue Spruce Inn.  To being greeted warmly by Deborah to  opening the door to the warm pine walls to enjoying cups of coffee on chairs outside room 6.  This has been a truly delightful memorable experience. Thank you. Warmly, Meg and Matt Berwyn Illinois.   (Thursday July 6th 2023)


Second time staying here.  Great room.  Great owners.  We will be back.  Thank you.  Clinton, TN. (7-21-23)

Three days of rest and relaxation 

What a charming and quaint motor lodge.  We enjoyed our time here and would stay again if back in Ludington.  Thanks.  Paul and Lynn.  Lafayette, IN. (July 2023)


Thank you for a beautiful room.  I love my stay here.  May (July 2023)


The Blue Spruce is absolutely lovely.  You've done a great job maintaining the calm and charm of pine rooms while making the place comfortable for modern visitors.  Thanks so much.  Brooke and Jonah. (July 2023)


Nice, comfortable rooms.  Could use two suitable racks.  Excellent service.  Great location.  Thank you.  Kelly.  (June 2023)

Thanks for letting us stay another two great days.  Room 1 worked out very well. Windows on 3 sides made it feel airy and larger.  It was very clean--sparkling.  We look forward to another visit; perhaps this fall.  God Bless.  Jack and Shirley.  (June 16, 2023)


Lovely as always!  Appreciate the cleanliness and attention. Elizabeth.   (May 2023)


Room one worked perfectly for our family.  Our pack and play fit between the beds.  Thank your for maintaining such a nice and clean room.  This location is perfect!  We took a stroll to the water, looped back along the marina, and explored downtown.  If we come this way again, we will need to stay longer.   (June 2023)


Thanks for the hospitality.  Great place to rest a couple of days after completing the Coast to Coast bike race of Saturday.  Joe and Cavin.  (6/26/23)

What a wonderful weekend at the Blue Spruce.  It is a special place.  Muriel make is like home.  Jesse and  Sherri Roseles.  (May 29, 2023)


We stayed here with our 10 year-old-nephew.  We all loved the room, the Vibe, Muriel, and Ludington.  Lovely first visit.  Thank you for keeping the motel quaint and lovely.  It was also clean with appreciated amenities—coffee and yogurt.  Mary, Indianapolis, IN.  (June 6, 2023)


The First thing I thought on arrival was, “How Cute.” (June 4, 2022)

Loved our stay at the Blue Spruce.  So close to the beach and restaurants.  Thank you for having the office unlocked so that we had access to the microwave and the Keurig.  We’ll be back.  Anne and Steve. IL.  (6/24-26

Another wonderful visit and stay at your charming oasis in Ludington.  We loved the coziness and comforts of our room #6.  The beautiful beach and the town are so close by.  We have recharged our batteries and our spirits.  Thank you for years of wonderful hospitality and kindness in changing our reservation.  We are sad to say so long for now, but we look forward to this little piece of heaven on earth: Blue Spruce Motel and Ludington.  The Best!  Kindest regards.  Melonie and Walter.  (8/1-4/22)

Been coming to Ludington for years, starting in the 90s.  Stayed about everywhere as children and then grew up and left the nest. Blue Spruce Inn is the perfect spot for just the two of us.  We enjoyed our stay.  We will be back.  James and Cindy.  (8-20-22)

Thank you for your kindness.  We’ve had a memorable stay here!

Mike and Debbie.  Indiana.  (8-26-22)

Last minute to get away.  Looked at a bunch of motels. So glad I choose this one.  So clean.  Different.  Thank you.  (7/12/22)

My husband and I have been married for 26 years.  We just started getting away on quick trips recently.  I am so glad I chose your inn!  It is so cute and quaint.  Reminds me of my grandma’s home in Ocqueor, MI.  Thank you!  Keith and Anne.  Fenton, MI.  (8/27/22)

I will have to book another stay.  This spot and room fit the beach getaway perfectly.  Thank you. (7/14/22)

We were charmed by the look and the coziness of the room as soon as we entered.  Love the old-time feel.  Wedding anniversary.  This will probably become our regular place to stay.  Great room.  Great price, great people. We loved the mystery spot!  Z & E Wolf.  (6/ 24-26/22)

My family has been visiting Ludington for our yearly family vacation for about ten years now.  This was our first time staying at the Blue Spruce.  It was a wonderful room, clean and quaint, and close to everywhere we needed and wanted to go.  My regret was not having enough time to check out your secret dune map.  But we will be back.  Thanks for the stay.  The Lutz’s, Spring Hill, TN (6/16/22)


We had a wonderful time in your beautiful hotel. 


Thank you for the little home away from home. We are visiting from New Orleans.  It is so nice to step outside our door and sleep with the windows open.  Ludington is so charming, and it’s been a delight. Highly recommend visiting the State Park and playing a game or bowling at Stix.  Also, recommend having breakfast at Chef John.  Cheers  Emma.  (7/26/22)

Thanks for the great stay.  We enjoyed the quiet, clean-smelling room and the soft fuzzy blankets.  We enjoyed the bike trail and the Nordhouse Wilderness and a good hot shower afterward.  Thank you for your hospitality.  Mary Lou and Brian.  (July 2-5, 2022)

What a wonderful little place!!.  We enjoyed everything this town has to offer.  First time here, but it won’t be our last.  Angie and Doug.  (8/2/22)

My wife and I stumbled upon this remarkably period, clean motel the day before our ferry trip back to Manitowoc.  We visited with the guests in Room 2 for about an hour after walking around town.  We will make a point to stay here again the next time we come to Ludington.  Dean.  (8/28/22)

It was so nice to return to Ludington after nearly 30 years away.  I spent the best years of my young life at Hamlin Lake, hunting, fishing, camping, boating, etc.  We love our room here and will definitely return.  Aloha and Joe. (July 3, 2022)


Very nice, clean, and comfy room.  Yogurt was the perfect late-night snack after watching a beautiful sunset.  Small but big enough!  God bless you.  Ed and Connie Brown.  (7-9-22)


Thank you.  We’ll be back. (2022)


This is my fourth stay at the Blue Spruce.  A respite from the stressful world!  Clean and, as always, comfortable.  And welcoming to me, a solo traveler.  Thanks for the great memories.  Love Diane, Dexter, MI. (7-14-22)

Thank you so much for such a nice, sweet little room. It was clean and perfect.  This was our first time here.  And now we have such good memories of our time in Ludington.  Hope we can come back sometime.  May God bless you.  Steve and Debbie Garber.  PS.  Good coffee too.  (8-16-22)

Labor Day 2022.  Thank you.  Perfect spot for our family weekend.   Pat, Bonnie, Burnham. (2022)


Cute little place. Enjoyed our stay.  Thank you.  Bill and Tasha.  (8/19/22)


We once again enjoyed our yearly stay.  We love how clean the rooms are and the comfortable feel.  Hate to go home, but we will definitely be back next year.  Deb and Bret.  (July 28, 2022)


Thanks for a great room.  Barb and Dennis.   (6/22)


What a great location.  Quiet, and the room was very clean. (2022)


Lovely room in a lovely town.  Thank you.  Barb and Nan.  (6-22-22)


My first stay at the Blue Spruce.  I hope it won’t be my last.  Everything is all you could hope for.  Quaint, clean, cozy, comfortable, all assuring a person’s wellbeing here.  Thanks for your generous hospitality. On the road from Colorado.  Blessings,  Debbie (August 10, 2022).


Such a lovely place:  Love the knotty pine/rustic look.  Will be back.  Thank you.  Palatine, IL.  (8/16/22)


Nice and clean!  Thank you.  Beautiful town.  Kim and Ken, GR. (8.19.22)


This town is such a hidden gem.  We are both from Petosky and stopped here to stay on a whim.  It’s been so wonderful.  We just can’t believe it.  We sure hope it stays that way.  We have had such a lovely time.  Thank you.  (6/3/22)


We enjoyed our stay.  Hope we can return next year with our kids.  The map was very helpful!  Debbie and Larry Vorce.  Fowlerville, MI 48836.  (9/1-5, 2022)


Enjoyed our stay again.  We always like it here at the Blue Spruce.  Thank you kindly.  Sue and Bill.  G Rapids, MI. (6/18/22)


You have a truly lovely place.  We enjoyed our stay here.  Thank you for providing a clean and inviting room.  The location is a gem as well.  Sincerely, Shelly and Erik D.  We will return for sure.  (7/8/22)



Really enjoyed our stay.  Walked to Jamesport Brewery for dinner and Brenda’s for breakfast.  Great location.  Parked the SUV and walked everywhere.  Having coffee in the room for wake-up was great!  (8/19/22)

We enjoyed our stay.  Pleasant and clean accommodations. Thank you.  The Stormers. (8/3/22)


I’ve been staying here occasionally since 1951.  Still love the quaintness of knotty pine.  Coming back to an old friend.  Linda Rogers.  (8/31/22)


Love MI along the coast to Petosky.  The room was cozy and very clean.  Close to all.  Thanks.  Suzanne and Greg.  (6/8/22)


My family and I came here on the S.S. Badger from Minneapolis to attend a wedding on the 11th.  My name is Jocelyn and my daughter is named Senua (warrior).  Thanks for having us.  Very cozy. (9/9/21)


What a charming place and located so close to an incredible sunset!  The neighborhood we walked through was so charming too.  Heading to the car ferry to return to California.  So glad we stopped here.  Cheers.  And thank you.  Deborah and Gary.  Torrance, CA. (9/2/21)


Wonderful!  As usual!  This is where we always stay when we are in Ludington.  Perfect location to walk to anything--downtown or the beach.  Mike and Kristi.  Alma, MI.  (9/4/21)


Sublime!  Thank you!!.  Holland, MI. 9/18/21)


Happy face, always.  Thank you for a lovely stay.  Even in the rain, it was a delight with the cozy presentation.  Holland, MI (9/22/21)


What a lovely room and a beautiful sunset tonight.  The Badger is quite the sight and we look forward to another stay here.  Thank you.  Phil and Teri, Kalamazoo. (9/22/21)


This is such a nice place to stay.  We enjoyed our visit and can't wait to come back.  Steve and Nancy.  Auburn, IN.  (9/26/21)


Mystery Spot! Take the trail that goes straight ahead, even though there is a fallen log blocking the entrance.  What a perfect place.  Wish I could have stayed longer.  (9/11/21)


What a lovely stay!  Very quaint.  Close to the beach and everything we needed.  We were able to see the SS Badger head back to WI.  Thank you.  Lynn and Will.  Lena, WI (9/210


So quaint and accommodating.  We had an excellent time at the Blue Spruce Inn.  Also, don't miss out on the Mystery Hike.  Quite a climb.  The view was extraordinary.  Love the coffee station and yogurts.  Love the proximity to the beach and family residence. Love, love!  Thanks so much.  David W Plaaza, author  (check out Amazon).  (10/3)


The Blue Spruce Inn

Waking up to the sounds of the birds and freighters was most pleasant.  The mystery dune hike was magical and the sun and sand was all enchanting.   I felt like we were in an entirely different place.  Thank you for a delightful stay.  Sophia.  (10/2/21) 


Quiet, Cozy, and Quaint.  Just right before our S.S. Badger ride.  Port Washington. (8/30/21)


Another great stay.  In love with Ludington.  Thank you.  Laurie.  (9/6/21)


A wonderful and cozy place to stay!  Nice extras.  I was impressed with my room.  Room 1.  Thanks again for this cute room.  (9/18/21)


Weekend away for the end of our two-week vacation.  Loved the clean, quiet place.  So close to the beach.  My only beach weekend this year.  Our 18th wedding anniversary was the 13th.  We are celebrating that and my husband's retirement.  The recommendations were spot on.  We will be back.  Jerri Lynn and Terry.  (9/19/21)


What a wonderful stay!  So cozy and comfortable.  Just wish we could have stayed longer.  Next time we will.  Thank you so much.  8/29/31)


Very nice to stay here again.  Like the period theme.  Sue and Bill.  G.R. MI (9/25/21)

Really enjoyed our stay.  This is our second time here.  We'll be back again.  Mike and Leona.  Shelby, MI. (8/15/21)


Thank you for a lovely stay.  Rosaline.  (8/21/21)


This place is so sweet!   It is comfortable, clean, and cozy.  It is within walking distance of many great things.  We hope to come again soon.  (Aug 16-20-21)


The room was cozy and just big enough for what we need.  The sweet lady at the counter gave us recommendations for restaurants.  A lovely and quiet room  (8/13/21)


I felt right at home in our cozy room.  Reminded me of nights spent in my grandmother's cabin in N.C.  We enjoyed being able to walk to the beach and how close town is.  Muriel was so welcoming.  It was a pleasure meeting her.  We will be back next summer or fall.  (August 24, 2021).


Thank you for the wonderful stay.  Manuela and Courtney.  (August 22, 2021)

I highly recommend going to the "Dune Mystery Spot" at the dunes. Beautiful view. Kilwins has great ice cream with no wait.  Enjoyed the Blu Moon rooftop restaurant.  Definitely, enjoyed the Blue Spruce Inn.  We will be back.  Andrews, IL.  (8/15/21)


We thought this motel was worth the money, even though it has no microwave.  We thought it was cozy and cute.  We loved our stay.  Thanks again.  We surely will come back next summer.  


I love that we can build memories.  And that once we get here we can walk everywhere.  The beds are comfortable and the smart TV is nice for rainy days and evenings.  See you next year!  



Magical place.  Muriel is so nice.  The room is exceptionally cozy.  This won't be the last time we come and stay at the Blue Spruce.  This is exactly the kind of place I want to be. (July 31-August 1)


Nice time in Ludington.  Great location for walking to the beach or to town.  Comfortable room  Breakfast at Brenda's was quite good. Glen and Kim from Kentucky.  August 2021)


What a cute, quaint place.  So glad we took a chance on something different.  Perfect location to walk to the beach and the downtown.  Next time were visit we will definitely come back for longer than two days.  We enjoyed the beach, especially all the people having fun.  The water was super-cold but we did get in.  We got ice cream at the legendary House of Flavors.  So good!  While we waited for a seat at Jamesport Brewery, we watched the ferry come in and go some amazing photos.   (August 5, 2021)

Love this place.  Second home here. It's homey, just relaxing and comfortable.  This was our escape of a lifetime trip and this place made that perfect.  We will for sure be back.  (7/18/21)


My mom and stayed and loved our visit, especially cozy feel of the space.  Muriel was sweet and personal.  We would come back.  R + N.  (7/19/21)


Always a great stay at the Blue Spruce.  We have stayed here several times and love how clean the rooms are.  The staff is so friendly.  We will definitely be back again.  Love this place!  B and D.  Westphalia, MI (July 25-28)


This is my third stay at the wonderful Blue Spruce.  I wouldn't stay anywhere else.  Rooms are spotless, staff friendly and location divine.  I certainly will return.  Diane.  Dexter, MI (July 28-30)


Great place to stay.  Close to everything.  Great people.  (7/23/21)

Enjoyed our stay after a ride on the SS Badger.  We will definitely be back.  What a lovely inn.  Next time a microwave?  Walter and Leanne.  (7/26/21)


Enjoying our trip to the past!  Love the paneling, furniture, and bed quilt--all speak of a bygone era.  But every comfort we could hope for in a one-room "home." Easy check-in.  Appreciated the yogurt, coffee, water, etc. that make us feel welcome. Paula.  Silver Spring, MD. (7/20/21)


This is such a splendid little hotel.  It was everything we needed but took us back to what hotels were when we were children.  Comfortable and safe with touches of home."  Thank you for a memorable stay.  John H.  Joplin, MO. (7/27)


Enjoyed our first real beds after 3 days of backpacking on North Manion Island.  Really appreciate the warmth and hospitality from Muriel when checking us in.  Thank you, Blue Spruce.  We will remember you fondly.  (7/27-28/21)


What a  jewel of a find.  Our family took two rooms and they were lovely.  Catch the Badger this morning.  Muriel, you are a dear!  Bought two of her books.  Much love from the N family.  (July 28, 2021)

Love the rocker.  Beds are comfy.  So close to the beach. Very nice place.  Thank you.  (7/19/21)


Wonderful, quiet, relaxing atmosphere.  It was nice to wake up and enjoy our coffee outside.  Great and friendly staff.  Nice and helpful.  Beds were comfy and loved the cold water.  The rooms are very warm and welcoming.  Came up from Southern Illinois and plan to come back to the Blue Spruce.  Thank you.  (7/21/21)


Great Place to stay.  Close to everything. Great people.  Thanks.  (7/23/21)


Thank you for another wonderful stay.  Our second time vacationing here.  Enjoyed some of our favorite activities:  swimming in the big lake, ice cream from the House of Flavors, fried fish from Bartell's.  We discovered some new ones too: hiking out to and climbing the Big Sable Point Lighthouse, enjoying homemade bread at Old Hamlin, grilling in the park.  We were very cozy in our room and look forward to visiting again.  Jack and Emma. (July 19-23  2021)

Thank you for hosting us.  The room was clean and cozy and the location is awesome.  Appreciated the map and the food suggestions also.  Thanks.  C and D.  Detroit, MI. (7/16/21)


We stayed for the 4th of July week  So nice to see things getting back to normal after last year.  Thank you for the warm hospitality.  (grew up in the area) Theresa and Craig.  Bethesda, MD. 


Thank you for telling me about the dune.  I'm afraid I wasn't up to the climb, but I really loved the drive to the area (route 116) and the trail at the dune area. Beautiful!  The dune climb is a challenge I will save for next year.  But I felt so empowered that you thought I could climb it.  Thank you so much. Ann.  (July 14, 2021)


Thank you for providing a welcoming home on the road.  I felt safe and comfortable here and slept well.  You obviously love this wonderful motel. The quilt made me especially happy.  See you very soon.  Ann.  Iowa City, Iowa.  (7/13/21)


We loved staying and look forward to the next time. (7/6/21)


We enjoyed our stay.  Your hospitality--and wonderful downtown and beach area.  Dave and Lisa.  (7/9/2021)


The Blue Spruce is convenient to everything.  I'm so glad we brought our granddaughter.  We could walk almost everywhere.  Muriel makes sure all is good for her guests.  Her restaurant suggestions were just what we like. Our room was so cute and had everything we need.  Carolyn, Rob, and Angelina. (6/17/21)


We had a fabulous stay.  Super cozy room.  Great location and super hospitable staff.  Will definitely come again.  (6/18/21)


Another great weekend here.  (7/5/21)

Words cannot express the wonderful time I've had here.  I can't believe how beautiful the state of Michigan is and how friendly all the people have been. My stay here at Blue Spruce has been awesome.  The service has been great!.  I have enjoyed meeting you and your family.  I hope to come back as soon as my job allows more time.  Wish you great health and happiness.  Debbie from Scottsville, KY.  (June 17-22)


Great place to stay!  Very quiet and homey.  Had a friend with me from Florida.  Would definitely stay here again and recommend to friends.  Becki and Sue.  (6/22/21)


We fell in love with it when we opened the door.  What a sweet, comfortable room  We'll be back for sure.  (6/24/21)

What a wonderful nook!  Beautifully maintained.  Comfortable, wonderful reception as well as ongoing interactions with the family.  Loved meeting your neighbors and getting a tour of your garden too.  Thank you for sharing your lovely bounty.  Blessings to you.  Carol and Flemming.  (June 11, 2021)


A wonderful experience--so nice to enjoy a more personalized contact and cozy room with a smaller family-owned motel.  We enjoyed the beautiful surroundings--all of the sunshine, sand, and water!  Greetings to everyone and may all be blessed.  The Mills.  PS.  The pickleball courts down the street are an added bonus.  (June 1-3 2021)


Escaped from Grand Rapids for a cozy get-away here at the Blue Spruce. Very friendly staff.  Would love to come back.  Fabulous location!  Right near all the Hubbub! Thank you for a night away from home   R + D.  (6/6/21)


A great stay with great hospitality.  (5/29-31/21)


Loved our short stay in your sweet rooms.  Beautiful walk to the lighthouse.  Thank you.  Minneapolis  MN. (6/8/21)


Clean, comfy, cozy.  What more could you ask for?  (6/5/21)


Came here in 2017 or 2018.  Loved it.  That's why we came again.  So cozy.  We will be back.  (6/10/21)

Friendly staff, clean/cozy rooms.  Perfect location, walking distance to the beach, shops.  Would definitely recommend staying here and would stay again.  Thank you for making our stay perfect! (5/21)


New season.  Very comfortable as always.  Mike and Kristi.  Alma MI. (5/28/21)


Cute little motel. Love the knotty pine and neon "office sign."  Thank you so much.  Look forward to a return trip.  (5/21)


A great stay with great hospitality!  Saginaw, MI, Edwardsburg, MI. (5/29/21)


Our first time at the Blue Spruce.  Probably 5th time to Ludington.  I usually camp.  We were very comfortable here.  Very clean, cozy.  It is so nice to leave the car behind and walk to the great restaurants.  We recommend:  Blu Moon and James St. Brewing.  Both on James St. And the House of Flavors on the main st.  The beach and town are beautiful.  Thank you for your hospitality.  Hope to see you again.  Butler, PA. (5/29/21)


Such a friendly and cozy place.  Easy access to everything for a reasonable price.  We will most certainly stay here again.  Bob and Kathy. (10/15/20

This is my second time staying at this charming gem.  It's been a tough year, so I'm so glad to have had the chance to visit after all.  Thanks for helping to create, not only a wonderfully relaxing time, but also some terrific memories.  Linda.  (10/12/20


Being raised as a hardware couple we appreciate the window hardware, including the molded glass window in the bathroom, sink, etc.  Knotty pine is cool.  Thanks again.  Ralph and Suz. (10/12/20)


What a cozy and comfortable room!  We so enjoyed our stay in Ludington.  We hiked at the State Park and enjoyed the art in the parks in town.  Thank you for making this a memorable weekend.  Sue and Tom.  Portage, MI. (10/10/20)

The place was recommended by my daughter.  She loved it and had high praises for Muriel.  Our stay was very pleasant.  Room was exceptionally clean.  Recommendation of Chef John for breakfast--awesome.  The inn has a beautiful setting near the lake and downtown.  Thanks for your thoughtful hospitality.  Bill and Pam.  (10/12/20)

Great place in a great location.  We are glad someone made a last-minute cancellation.  We will be back.  John and Jill.  Dousman, WI. (9/27/20)


Found this place online.  Taking Badger tomorrow.  Pleasantly surprised by room.  Very clean.  Love the style and Muriel was great. Thank you.  Saginaw MI.  (9/27/20)

Thank you for a great overnight stay.  Such a cozy place.  James and Jean.  (Sept 13, 2020)

A wonderful cozy and quiet room with excellent recommendations for dinner. (PM Steamers) and breakfast (Chef John's).  We also enjoyed the gorgeous fall weather and the sunset near the lighthouse.  Eric and Joyce Larson.  (September 24, 2020).

Had a wonderful time.  Such nice people.  Thanks so much.  God bless you all.  Susan.  We had a great stay.  Thank you so much for your hospitality.  Becky.  (9/18/20)

Thank you!  We had a nice relaxing time.  Loved the dune climb.  (8/14/20)

Cute and cozy room and kind and thoughtful owners.  Thank you!  This was a nice little getaway.  Catherine.  Indiana.  (September 2020)


Great Stay at the Blue Spruce Inn.  Great recommendation for the Blue Moon Cafe! (Aug 30, 2020)

Ladies, once again this visit was perfect.  Thank you for your perfect little piece of paradise.  Beth and Tiffany.  Grand Rapids, MI. (8/7/20)


Love the character of the room.  Floors are great.  No hotel carpet stink!  They had wood paneling like this on the farm.  Nice place to escape COVID-19. Flint, MI. (8/10/20)


Love the hospitality. When we arrived we felt like family instead of guests right away.  Nice to meet cheerful people these days.  Great charm.  Great towels. Location is spectacular.  James and Beth.  Kalamazoo, MI. (8/12/20)


Me and my family love it here.  It is so nice.  We love the short walk to the beach.  And the beds.  We love it.   (8/15/20)


The walk to the beach is wonderful.  We are sad to leave but we will be back next year.  Alyss.  10 years old. (8/19/20)

What a great last minute find.  The price was right, the location fabulous.  Hot water with plenty of pressure and most of all--so clean.  The girls at the front were so nice and hardworking.  We will definitely be back.  Holly and Christian.  Fenton, MI (8/10/20)


I loved our cute room.   Thank you for allowing us to park our motorcycle under the roof.  Now that is customer service, along with towels the next morning to wipe it clean.  Friendly, clean.  We will be back.  Bryan and Kim.  Wausau, WI. (8/11/20)


Thank you for a wonderful stay.  This was only my second visit to the Blue Spruce, a new tradition for me!  See you next year.  Diane.  Dexter, MI. (8/14/20)


Love the room.  Very welcoming, clean room.  Staff is great.  Great room.  Love the cabin feel, very clean and comfortable.  (8/7/20)


What a cozy, clean place to stay in.  The perfect location.  It was so great to walk around to everything and easily walk back for little breaks. Thanks for a great stay.  Mike and Denise.  (8/9/20)


We loved staying here.  So cute and clean.  We hope to come back sometime and stay longer.  Mark, Kristin, Sachet, Charlie. (8/5/20)


Love this charming place!  Much needed to relax.  Wonderful staff.  Thanks for making us feel welcome.  J & T. (8/2/20)


Lovely!  From the exquisite/author Muriel, Debbie, and Anastasia.  A memorable stay.  Love the room's ambience, location, and kindness.  We will be back.  John and Nancy.  Bay City, MI.  (8/14/20)


I really enjoyed staying here.  It was so clean and comfy.  And the staff is so helpful and friendly!  Also, such a great location to so many state parks.  Thank you so much.  Hope to see you again.  Mary.  Lansing. (8/7/20)


We had a great weekend here!  The cozy, clean room and friendly staff helped set the mood for a great lake weekend.  Loved the coffee.  We will be back.  Ken and Kelly. (8/9/20)

Love this charming place.  Sweet and cozy!  Thank you.  (8/10/20)


Lovely motel--comfy. Great staff working here.  See you next time.  Ellen.  (8/10/20)

Muriel Canfield

Sun, Aug 2, 3:39 PM (17 hours ago)


to me


Thanks for having us.  The room was perfect.  Everything so nicely done.  The little touches are great.  Perfect location for beach and town.  Roy and Cathy.  Rockwood, MI (7/30/20)


We love the State Park and the beach.  Went to Sleeping Bear Dunes.  Love the Blue Spruce and we plan on visiting more often.  Kevin and Karen (8/2/20)


I was lucky to find this place.  I took a week-long vacation, just wandering around until I found someplace I liked.  Blue Spruce was perfect.  I wish I could have enjoyed two nights.  Very charming, very clean and I loved watching the sunset tonight.  And your "mystery spot."  I will be back again.  Staci.  (7/27/20)


Thank you, Muriel, for another great stay at the Blue Spruce Inn.  We had a great time.  Bruce and Bob.  (7/29/20)


We had the best weekend at the Blue Spruce, #3.  We love the family atmosphere and the kindness.  Thank you for having us as your guests.  We will be back soon!  It is beautiful and immaculate.  Terry and Brad.  (7/26/20)


Thank you for another perfect stay.  Kristi and Mike.  (8/1/20)


We loved the hotel and our room. Ludington and the surrounding area was beautiful.  Thank you, Debbie and Muriel, for a wonderful stay.  Carrie and Jim.  (8/2/20)


Thank you for another wonderful stay at the Blue Spruce.  We had a great time!  (7/29/20)

Enjoyed our stay!  Was very quiet and loved how close it was to downtown!  Raquel and Carl.  (6/21/20)


It is a lovely room and it's nice and clean.  I like the rocking chair.  I love this place! (7/12/20)


My husband and I were able to get away for the night.  We have seven kids, our oldest being twenty.   So she offered to watch the rest of them.  We really enjoyed our stay.  This is a very clean motel room.  It reminded us of a little cabin on the inside.  The staff is very welcoming.  We hope to be back soon.  Kevin and Christian.  Gobles, MI. (7/12/20)


The room was perfect for us.  It worked out nicely with the rest of the family in the rental house across the driveway. We still felt part of the family gatherings in the house while enjoying our own air conditioned space.  Thank you!  Bruce and Trina.  Farminglton, MI.  (7/18/20)


Absolutely loved our stay.  We will be back.  (7/3/20)


We love the Blue Spruce Inn!  Beth and Jonathan. (7/22/20)


We enjoyed our stay and accomodations.  Thank your for everything.  We enjoyed the girls' kindness.  (7/24/20)


Very quiet room and quiet...  Enjoyed our stay.  Thank you.  7/19/20)

A sweet, charming place that relaxed the bones.  We so much loved this holiday weekend.  The hostess was the sweetest.  Thank You.  Bryan and Jennifer.  (7/4/20)

This is the most romantic room I have ever laid eyes on.  I cannot wait to return with my love.  I am here with my on for his 7th birthday weekend!  Got here late and took a pm swim.  It felt like I was in a postcard.  Most beautiful thing ever.  All and all I wish we could have stayed longer.  I cannot wait to return.  Always.  Breana. (July 2-3)

Thank you so much for letting us do a one night stay.  Enjoyed the outside seating and awesome location.  Walked to breakfast at Cafe 106 and highly recommend it.  Great service.  Great food.  Brenda and sisters.  Sante Fe.  Michigan.  (6/21/20)

We love this end room.  Thank you for having us here.  Ludington is one of our favorite places.   The girls are so polite and eager to make our stay comfortable.  Sincerely, Frank and Beverly.  Caledonia MI. (July Holiday, 2020)

Cute, cute motel.  Love the proximity to the beach and all the original features.  Would stay again.  Jen.  7/7/20)

We love it here.  What a great escape for our 21st anniversary.  Your charming and cozy room 7 is more a quaint cottage.  Your welcoming hospitality had lightened our hearts and we look forward to returning again and again.  We love the Ludington area and we love the Blue Spruce Inn.  Many thanks for a great stay.  Melanie and Walter.  Johnsburg, IL (June 25-27-2020)

Charming and cozy.  Love the room and we will be back!  Glen and Billie.  (6/20/200

Lovely setting.  Great stay.  BVN.  (6-26-20)

Enjoyed our stay!  Was very quiet and loved how close it was to downtown.  Raquel and Carl.  (6/21/20)

We had a fabulous weekend.  We felt very welcomed and comfortable and at home.  Thanks so much.  (6/28/20)

Quiet and clean.  Close to the beach and town.  Everything I wanted in a weekend Getaway.  Loved the secret sand dune.  Sue. (6-21-20)

We enjoyed our stay in the sweet, charming room.  Everything was perfect.  We were close to everything.  We had a wonderful time.  We will recommend this place to all of our friends and family.  Thanks Again. Fred and Lori.  (June 8-10)

The Blue Spruce has soothed my heart. The room is beautiful and I was delighted with the hand-embroidered "Blue Spruce" on the pillowcases. Debbie allowed me a late checkout to distress.  I couldn't be more grateful.  I am very pleased with your room and hospitality and I will be back and recommend to others.  Thank you for your hard work.  Aaryn.  Chelgen, MI.

My boyfriend and I were on a much-needed camping trip away from our Brady-style household (5 kids) when a storm threatened our getaway.  We found this gem online and we are in love!  The cottage vibe and vintage charm were everything we needed on this romantic getaway from kids.  Can't wait to come back.  Thanks. Dan and Linsey.  (6/1/20)


This is a diamond in the rough.  You had so many great reviews that I couldn't resist trying it out.  I am so glad I did.  Everything about it was amazing.  Such wonderful touches that make it cozy and comfy.  The full height mirror outside the bathroom door! Who thinks of that?  But everyone wants to see how they look before going out. The quilts, hand-embroidered pillowcases, fluffy pillows, soft blankets, a real desk, coffee, mints, wood floors, lamp on the desk, cold bottled water and yogurt.  I will be posting on Facebook this afternoon about it.  Thank you so very much.  We'll be back. Joni.  (9/29/19)

Wonderful hospitality.  The best place to overnight.  Soo comfy.  Colleen.  (10/5/19)

All of us had a great stay here.  We hope to come back again.  I liked the wood paneling.  We come here about every year on the SS Badger car ferry.  I would recommend this motel to everyone.  (9/29/19)

Cute place and very friendly.  Thanks for much for the map.  Peg and Kenny. (10/5/19)

We had a wonderful stay at Blue Spruce.  Thank you for the recommendations around town.  Jayme and I enjoyed Ludington as our first weekend away together. We met last week!  Ha! Ha!  (Jessica and Jayme. (Sept. 28, 19)

Such a sweet, cozy room.  Spotlessly clean too.  Onto the Badger and the West.  Lorin and Pat.  Marietta, GA. (10-1-19)

Stayed at the Blue Spruce Inn at the last minute.  Needed two rooms at the last minute and that was exactly what they had left.  Rooms 5 and 6.  Great people that run this place.  Clean!  Super cute.  Will definitely return.  Thanks for a super place to stay.  Mark and Denise.  Caledonia, MI (9/22/19)

We had a great stay.  The rooms were so clean.  It was very quiet.  Anastasia was also very helpful. Thank you for a great time.  Tom and Arlene,  (9/21/19)

This is my fifth year at the Blue Spruce Inn.  Had a great time with great people.  I'll be back again next year.  Paul.  (9/19)

Thank you little 16-year-old girl for all the hospitality (don't know your name). You were a pleasure to talk to.  Don't forget to make an American Quilt, another good movie.  Kevin and Barb.  (9/8/19)

Thank you for everything.  It was perfect for what we needed.  (Sept 10, 2019)

Sparkling clean.  

Knotty pine.  

Crisp white curtains.  

Wooden Rocker.  

Steps to beach.

Up north perfect. 

5 heart perfect.  (9/4/19)

Fabulous place.  The Blue Spruce on the pillowcases.  And of course, the delightful Muriel.  We will be back.  Will highly recommend.  Steve and Diane. (8/31/19)

Love everything about this place.  Puzzle picture on wall.  Great location.  Comfy and cosy.  Definitely be back.  Ken and Rose.  (9/1/19)

A pleasant surprise.  Very clean.  Wonderful hospitality.  Even offered Hazelnut coffee (a biggy) for me. Definitely want to come back and will come back.  Ken and Pate.  Harrison, MI.  Thank you.  (9-9-19)

Quaint and clean.  A perfect finish to a day that started in Wisconsin.  The ferry ride was fabulous.  It was so nice to check into this motel afterwards.  Tiny place, but not lacking for anything.  Very friendly staff.  So helpful.  Love the Blue spruce stitched on the pillowcases.  Nice touch. Thank you.  Nancy P and Don.  (9/7/19)

A wonderful stay.  We loved it.  Clean, quiet, comfortable with friendly and helpful staff.  Also glad to support family-run businesses like this one.  Will always remember our stay here.  Thank you.  Ramsey and Veronica.  Miami Beach, FL. (9/8/19)

First stay at Blue Spruce.  Nice, quiet room.  Very reasonable.  Allan and Mary.  (9/10/19)

We had an absolutely incredible time.  The room was perfect for us.  We loved it, and everyone was so kind.  We will definitely return to the Blue Spruce Inn when we are in Ludington.  Thank you so much.  Kevin and Barb.  (9/6-7/19)

This quiet and lovely and peaceful spot is pure Michigan!  We just got married.  Thank you.  Mr. and Mrs. T.  (8/23/19)

It is our 16th anniversary and we are headed North.  We stopped in Ludington because we love this town.  Now we love it more because of the Blue Spruce Inn.  Thank you.  You have a nice place.  I'm sure we will be back.  Thank you.  Church and Bobbi. Nunica, MI.  (8/23/19)

Very nice and quiet. Clean and comfortable.  Loved our stay.  Springfield, IL (8/7/19)

Muriel, you were right about the room.  Loved it!  Thank you so much for your kindness. Now I feel able to tackle the future. Dee B. (8/22/19)

Such a cute and cozy room!  Since we were arriving late, you were kind to leave the door open and the key of the desk.  Thank you.  Jan and Jerry. (8/23/19)

Exactly what we needed.  A perfect stay.  Thank you! (8/23/19)

We loved staying here.  The room was very clean and cozy. The bed was perfect.  Staff was very friendly and helpful. We definitely will stay here again. Bill and Carolyn. (8/21/19)

Very homey room.  The people are so pleasant.  NOTE!  The hand-embroidered pillowcases. 😊 Elyse and Katay.  Brighton, MI. (8/15/19)

Sweet place.  Thank You!  Sharon, Sadie and Clair. (8/16/19)Thanks for keeping the light on after a long drive.  Your spot is cosy.  The M's.  (8/12/19)

We had an extra night in Ludington by chance and the Blue Spruce had a room.  My grandparents used to stay here starting 50 years ago and now I can see why.  Such a cosy and clean room.  The perfect place to come after a long day of beach, biking, and hiking.  Dan and Lisa. (8/18/19)

Warm, welcoming and wonderful.  We felt like we were upstairs at grandma's house with the knotty pine and comforter all around.  Great retreat.  B &J.  (Aug 19)

This place is the perfect getaway!  The young lady who cleaned ou room was so sweet and worked hard the whole day. We will be back without a doubt.  Do not change a thing.  Thank you again for a trip to remember.  Kimber and Don. (August 2019)  (special thanks for the cleaning lady!!!!!  Thank you.

A wonderful place.  Wonderful people.  We love the area so we bought a property up here. Dave and Kristie. Kalamazoo MI (8/9/19)

You have the most charming little motel!  So, so, so clean!  You should be very proud of this little gem.  The attention to detail and your guests is worthy of much more than 5 stars.  So I will give you 6! 😊

Julie B (Aug 19, 2019)


Very nice people.  Clean. Friendly.  Be back. 😊 (July 21, 2019)


Sweet place.  Thank you.  Sharon, Sadie, Clair. (8/16/19)


What a gem we've located here in Ludington!  The sights, history, sunset, walk, food (PM Steamers) and the wonderful knotty pined room!! Thank you, Muriel, for your hints.  Just a really nice experience!  Kathleen.  Englewood, OH.  

(PS:  Love the added touches: Coffee, fridge, outside table and chairs, rocking chair. (Mary) (8/14/19)


Loved staying here!  They can have their big hotels.  I like the comforts of home.  Thank you for leaving the lights on for us.  Jeff and Lori (8-5-19) 


The Blue Spruce Inn captures a lost era of American at its best.  Reminds us of the motels that dotted the landscape along Route 66.  Thanks so much. Mike and Ellen. (August 2019)


I agree with the above statement.  Additionally, it was so spotlessly cleaned and cosy with lovely linens and quilt.  I love the black and white tiled bathroom and knotty pine walls.  It reminded me of being in my Mom's house.  The fragrance of bleach in the bath is lovely.  Linda and Peter.  (August 9, 2019) 


Enjoyed our stay in this beautiful room.  Love the quilt. A perfect location, just a short walk to the beach.  Thank you for your hospitality.  Charlie and Karen.  Crystal, MI. (8/19)


We loved this sweet motel.  Brings back so many memories of my childhood days.  So clean and cute.  Thanks so much.  Marla and Al.  Central, IL. (8/8/20)


What a lucky find this place is.  I loved the location, great coffee and mints.  I am on a bicycle tour through WI and the UP and then down to Clarkston, mostly camping so it was nice to stay in a bed.  The hospitality was the best from the generous greeting to the dinner suggestions.  Thank you for a wonderful stay.  Mike.  (Aug 6, 2019)


Thank you for the warm welcome and a comfortable relaxing room.  It was clear that it is important that your guests enjoy their time here and that is a comforting feeling.  The dining and breakfast options were on point.  And thanks for pointing out the view of the sunset.  After driving all day, I may have otherwise forgotten to step out and enjoy it.  Until next time.  Tammy S.  Stryker, OH (8/8/19)


Enjoyed our room as always  Always clean and comfortable.  It is such a great location to walk downtown or to the beach for sunset.  Jamesport Brewery--pecan-crusted perch appetizer.  Wonderful.   Mike and Kristy. Alma, MI (8-11-19) 


Had a very pleasant time for our short stay.  All the staff were kind and helpful.  Enjoyed telling my story and talking with Muriel.  Thank you so much for your inspirational words and my blessing of your book.  God bless you all!

Sharon L Lansing MI (8/8/19)


Our room was so cute.  Beds were comfy.  Slept great, even with the thunderstorms pushing thru.  Muriel was very welcoming.  Mary.  Jackson MI  (8/8/19)


I loved my time in Ludington and a big part of that was meeting Muriel and staying at the Blue Spruce.  Thanks for a lovely time.  See you here again, I'm sure.  Linda M (8/1/19)


We really enjoyed our stay in Ludington (first-time visit) and your quaint and quiet motel.  Had so much fun at Ludington State Park with all their outdoor activities.  Thank you and hope to see you soon!  Mary and Tim. (8/2/19)


Thanks for a very comfortable stay.  The little knotty pine rooms are like stepping back in time.  I'm really glad you are keeping up this motel in its historic form, true Americana!  Ludington is beautiful too.  Many thanks for your hospitality.  Bill A.  Denver, CO. (7/31/19)


The greeting we got here, the warmth of the owners over the phone as we made the reservation and the helpfulness of everyone was heartwarming.  The shower was great. We love the bentwood rocker and the yoghurts and water were very helpful.  Most of all I was charmed by the hand-embroidered blue spruce on each pillowcase.  That is the perfect touch.  Thank you.  Chris and Lezlie.  Maryland.  (Aug 1, 2019)


Thank you for a comfy night's stay here at the Blue Spruce.  Your hospitality upon arriving was appreciated and we really enjoyed the vintage feel of your well-preserved motel.  Enjoy the rest of your summer.  Sonia and Scott.  Shorewood, IL.  (8/3/19) 


Thank you again for a wonderful stay in room 5!!  We so love coming here to enjoy everything.  Take care.  Kristi and Mike.  Alma, MI.  (8/4/19 )

What a wonderful place to gather thoughts.  (July, 2019)

Adorable and comfortable motel.  Great location. (7/25/19)

I can't thank you enough for sharing the mystery spot.  When I got to the dune I said to myself, "Well, she (Muriel) said I'm a strong woman so then I climbed and climbed.  I was in awe.  I spent 4 hours enjoying the view, air, and wildlife.  I saw my first ever porcupine coming down the dune.  Was much fun.  The room was super cozy and comfy.  If I ever come back to Ludington this will be the place I stay!  Thank you!  Elizabeth, Riverside, Ill.  (July 28, 2019)

Perfect lodging for us.  Beachy.  Relaxed.  Laura and Evan. (July, 2019)

We had a great stay!  Friendly owners, great location and very comfortable room.  We hope we can stay here again.  Cheers.  The Gs.  Arlington, VA.  (July 19, 2019)


I grew up in Ludington and return often.  This little gem was a perfect fit for me.  I often travel alone.  The room was clean and adorable.  The bed divine.  Coffee was such a treat!  This is my new favorite place.  Muriel and Debbie, thank you for a wonderful stay, great hospitality, and a beautiful little motel.  Diane.  (July 21-24, 2019)


Ludington never disappoints!  We'll be back.  Mark and Karla.  Rockford, MI. (7/20/19)


Very nice people.  Clean facility. Be back.  😊 (July 21, 2019)


As always a great time with my friend Muriel and this cute, warm friendly inn.  Hope to come back in the future.  (July 21, 2019)


Wonderful experience staying here.  Brings back the old days of living in Michigan and going up North on weekends.  Lake Michigan is a treasure.  Tuscon, AZ. (7/14/19)


Great stay!  Thanks for helping make our stay awesome  Marge, Sandy and Michelle.  (7/19/19)

Wonderful room!  So quiet, no microwave, TV or other electronics in eyesight as I try to go to sleep.  Would like to come back when time for the beach to close. Also: quality linens and towels and appreciate good coffee and landscaping too. Really clean!  Nancy.  Mpls.  MN (July 19, 19)

This place was Perfect!  Quiet.  Clean and just perfect!  I hope I get back to Ludington again next year in the Art Fair.  If I do, I will definitely stay here. Thank you so much.  This place is a best kept secret.  Salina.  7/7/19.


We came to Ludington to celebrate July 4 in one of our favorite towns.  The bed was comfortable as was the leather chair and rocking chair.  Your tucked away motel was the perfect location for walking to Lake Michigan, watching the parade, attending the park events and eating at the House of Flavors  Thank you for bars of soap that aren't too small.  Your, Frank and Beverly.  Caledonia, MI. (7/6/19)


Such a quaint place!  Loved the sitting outside in the evening, enjoying the scenery.  Thank you for the restaurant recommendations.  Steamers was wonderful.  Muriel is a gracious host.  Thanks.  Barb and Mike.  Az.   (6/29/19)


Thank you for the coffee containers.  Nice Touch!  Our stay was a pleasure as always.  Fred and Lucinda.  (6/30/19)


What a fabulous place to stay!  Garth and Sue.  (6/29/19)

We came here for a couple's getaway without our kids.  The Blue Spruce was perfect. Great customer service and a great, clean room.  We will definitely be coming back.  The mystery spot was GORGEOUS!  Patrick and Christie.  (6/29/19)


Enjoyed our stay.  Authentic lakeside lodging feel.  No, it IS authentic!  Thanks.  Paul and Mary.  (6/23/19)


What a great, comfy place to stay.  Takes us back to travelling up around the bridge and over to Michigan--stopping at motels along the way.  We really appreciated the cleanliness and the authenticity of it.  Arizona.  (6/27/19)


Everything was perfect.  We had a great time.  And the location is perfect.  Gary and Teresa (6/22/19)


Fun weekend riding across The Mitten State during coast to coast gravel grinder (210 miles).  Finishing from sunrise and before sunset gave me an opportunity to explore Ludington.  Thanks so much for the thoughtful hospitality.  Perfect location and great memories. Chris, #2.  New York. (June, 2019)


Very quaint and cozy place. Kind people.  We enjoyed meeting Vanessa, the fish.  Sandy and Jon.  Brooklyn, MI.  (6/28/19)

Macker Weekend.  Great Hospitality!

Thank you so much for everything.  Brenda, Carter and Dylan. (6-14-15-2019)

I love it here.  It is cozy ad supa fun!  (June 14, 2019)

Great Place.  Perfect location in Ludington.  Very friendly service! We will be back again. Fred (June 9,m2019)

Water bottles.  They were a nice touch.  Love your towels.  Clean and very comfy.  

Great place to stay.  Very clean.  Friendly Staff.  Sally.  Cleveland, OH (6-12-19)

A perfect cozy stay for a bit of a lover getaway.  Thank you!  (6-7-19)

Nice cozy spot in the perfect location, walking distance to everything. Zack.

Thank you for the great room.  We enjoyed spending our 34th wedding anniversary exploring the beautiful are! Julie and Wally (Milwaukee, WI

Checking in to the Blue Spruce, there was a minor mix up with our paperwork.  "That's okay," said the young lady behind the front desk.  "My grandma will be right over."  And she was.  And then Mom showed up.  We got checked into our room by three generations of warm, kind women, running a beautiful little motel.  The walk to the water was beautiful too.  Loved our experience here.  Also PM Steamers for dinner and the SS Badger in the AM. Nice quiet place to stay.  Would stay again!  Thank you!! (6/19)

We love staying at the Blue Spruce.  We spent our honeymoon here, and hope for many more stays to come.  Wonderful, comfy, kindest staff ever.  We escape Dorr County to come here!  Cindy and Dave (5/28/19).  (Well, that is an honor for sure.)

This is exceptional!  The room has such a calming feeling!  The girl at the desk was so nice and helpful  The location is fantastic, close to the beach and parks and shops.  Loved it here immensely.  Will definitely recommend to family and friends.  Judy and Leroy.  (5-30-19)


Thank you so much for your awesome customer service.  We will definitely be back!  A beautiful room!  Mitchell. (5-27-19)

Clean, cozy and quaint!  Close to all events and entertainment.  We enjoyed our stay. Jared and Carmen.  Battle Creek, MI. (5/26/19)


Nice Place.  Quiet room.  Tidy.  Clean.  Like Home.  We like here much!  Brian. China.  (9/15/18)

Checking in to the Blue Spruce, there was a minor mix up with our paperwork.  "That's okay," said the young lady behind the front desk.  "My grandma will be right over."  And she was.  And then Mom showed up.  We got checked into our room by three generations of warm, kind women, running a beautiful little motel.  The walk to the water was beautiful too.  Loved our experience here.  Also PM Steamers for dinner and the SS Badger in the AM. Nice quiet place to stay.  Would stay again!  Thank you!! (6/19/18)

Nice.  God bless America and all those who died to keep us free.  Vic.  (9/11/18)

Thank you so for the lovely stay.  Very lovely room.  Cute and so comfy.  A and Larry.  (August, 2018)

This is such a wonderful place to stay.  You've been very nice to us all three times we've stayed.  That's the reason we come back.  Twice this year and we will be back.  Such kindness and cleanliness.  Never worry.  It is so clean, pretty and great hostesses.  Thank you for a great vacation.  Mary Ann and Dan.  (9/15/18)

Quiet, clean, and comfortable.  Thanks Muriel.  Ron and Laura W.  IO. (8/18/18)

Such a homey stay!  This room was absolutely beautiful and very comfortable!.  We very much enjoyed our night here.  Thank you so much.  You have a wonderful place and provide an unforgettable experience with exceptional service from everyone.  (8/20,18)

Sweet, clean room.  Very nice staff. Great location!!  Had a blast again in Ludington.  Love the town and beaches.  Sharon and Mike.  Canton, MI.  (8/17/18)  P.S On bad thing was that Lake Michigan was warm, too warm to catch any fish.  Oh well. 

Thank you for our wonderful stay here in Ludington.  This was our second-best friend's stay at the Blue Spruce. And it won't be the last.  We love the cozy atmosphere and the great location within walking distance of downtown!  Until next time, Rianna and Dana  (August 8, 2018)

What a great little place the Blue Spruce is!  Wish we had more time to spend in Ludington, but we have a boat to catch.  Hope to come back soon.   Erika, John, and Rowan.  Madison, WI.  (8-9-2018)

Very nice place and room.  Se clean.  We love coming to Ludington!!.  Dave.  Grand Rapids, MI (Aug 4-2018)

Love the personal touch and the location!  Wish we could have stayed longer,  Debbie and Andy.  Stochbridge, MI (Aug 4, 2018)

This is a nice room.  Would definitely come back again. MN.  (August)

Thank you for sharing your hospitality with us and your secret spot.  We enjoyed all the touches in the room!  Stacy.  New York.  (August)

The Blue Spruce was the cleanest and coziest motel we've ever stayed in.  The bed is SUPER COZY.  Same and Austin K  (July 31, 2018

Thanks for the stay.  It was lovely and your tips were perfect.  I love the family business.  Fern and Julie.  (July 2018)

Thanks so much for the wonderful stay.  The room is perfect and we love it here.  Until we meet again.  Randy and Sheila.  (July 31, 2018)

The visit was short but fun.  Thank you.  We are only visiting in Michigan.  We will definitely come back.  Maria, Julia and Gamma.  (July, 2018)

I really recommend the secret spot to people who like adventure.  Thanks for this mystery spot.  B family.  (July 29,18)

Thank you!  A most wonderful stay in such a special part of the country.  Sandy.  Colorado. (July,30,18)

What a blessing to find the Blue Spruce.  We loved our time here and will definitely be back ASAP.  Wendy and Company. ( July 16th.) 

A very warm and cozy place.  We had lots of fun and look forward to coming back.  Thanks so much for lovely care of us!  Dan and Jan.  Ontario. (July, 2018)

Very Clean.  Looking forward to reading your book.  Close to everything.  Thank you.  Jim and Carol.  (July, 1018)

So cute and cozy!  Best birthday surprise ever.  Even with the rain.  Meg and Ken.  (July 21, 2018)

We love your hotel!  God Bless.  Dave and Karna.  Des Moines, Iowa.  (July 22, 2018)

Loved the quaintness and comfort of this place.  So glad to have found it.  I'm planning to recommend it to everybody.  We will be back.  Dan and Mary.  Rockford, IL.  But Michigan is our home state!!  (July 13, 2018

What a beautiful, charming place to stay.  Very clean and comfortable.  Muriel and staff were very welcoming and sweet.  Will definitely be back.  (July 5-8)

We very much enjoyed our stay.  Muriel was lovely.  The room so sweet and cozy.  We had all we needed for our stay.  Very quiet and peaceful as well.  Thank you for everything.  We really enjoyed it.  Sheri and Mike.  Portage. MI.  (July)

We called last minute on the 4th of July to find a place to stay and Muriel just so happened to have one room left.  She was very welcoming and the place was super clean and quaint.  My family loved being so close to the beach, downtown and fireworks.  Thanks, Muriel.  We'll be back.  Happy 4th of July.  

The Blue Spruce s a magical place!  Loved the paneling and the wall lights; perfect to lie in bed and read on a cool, rainy day.  The staff was very helpful and kept the room spotless.  Will be back this summer for sure.  Julian.  Sparta, WI (6.24.2018)

My husband Chris and I so enjoyed your charming motel.  Great restaurant recommendations.  A comfortable room in this tucked away motel.  We will be back.  Chris and Lisa. (7/3/18)

Thank you for all the helpful hints to make our stay more fun.  On towards the upper peninsula on our tour now.  Thanks. Chris and Mike.  (7/4/18)

One of the best beds away from home.  Thank you!  Adorable room!  Cozy and clean. Barb and Andy. 

What a nice place you have here.  Clean and comfortable!  We came into town for just one night and were very happy to find this cute little place.  Love the quilt.  Thanks for being such a great host.  We will stay here again.  Jerry and Irma.  (6/27/18)

We had a lovely quiet visit to Ludington!!  Been in the sun and shopping.  Your place was a wonderful charming haven for us.  We definitely will be back!!  Thank you.  Kelly and Dean.  (7/1/18

Great place.  Wonderful people.  Perfect location.  We have stayed her before.  Thank you!  (7/4/18)

Nice place to stay.  Close to everything.  Thanks.  Sherry + Virginia.  (6/22/18

Thank you from MN.  We were treated like family here.  Very clean and cozy.  Loved the sunset and in the am walked on the beach.  So relaxing.  Thank you!  The N’s.  (June 15, 2018)

Very sweet place, pleasant and homey feel vs sterile, commercial establishments that lack any sense of personality.  We appreciated the water bottles left in the fridge.  Karen and Art.  Kalamazoo. (June, 2018)

Nice, cozy stay with a very comfortable bed!  And super hospitality.  Thank you.  Lon and Phil. (June, 2018)

Muriel, so very welcoming and kind.  The room was very comfortable and we enjoyed our stay.  We will be back in about 6 days to reboard the USS Badger.  (6/8)

Love the very nice room.  Love the stay. Deb, thank you!!!  Michael and Teresa.  (June, 2018)

Lovely, thanks.  Enjoy your summer.  JS (June, 2018)

We had a wonderful stay!  Will recommend to anyone staying in the area.  Thank you.  (June,18)

June 6, 2018

Many thanks!  We enjoyed our night in the comfortable bed with the lovely quilt. The towels are luxurious, and the shower pressure and hot water temperature are just right.  We're on a cross-country bicycle tour, from Portland, ME to Portland, OR.  The marks the 1/3 mark of the trip!

Kathy and Chris Beach

June 6

From your very first patron.  Many years ago, I stayed the very first night you bought the motel.  Love the personal quaint rooms.  I have visited several times over the years.  Keep up the great job

Michael K.


Loved the charming room 1.  Same paneling as my grandfather's house.  And of course I think "Divine Providence" brought my husband of the Danaher clan here!  What another unexpected blessing.  Thanks for your help.  Dana.  Portland, OR.  (Aug. 30, 2017)


Quaint and cozy place to stay. Loved it! Gean and Linda.  Toledo, OH.  Go Buckeyes!  (Aug 27, 2017)


Thank you so much for leaving the light on for us.  That is thoughtful.  We love your motel.  Thank you!  Becca and Brian.  (08/28/17)


Thank you for leaving the lights on and the door open, since we did not get in until 10:30 p.m.  What a beautiful, cozy clean motel room.  I love the cabin feel.  Simply beautiful.  Loved the cozy towels too.  Thank you.  Chad and Amy.  Shell Rock, IA  (9/3/17)


Great coffee.  Nice Stay.  Thank you.  (Sept, 2017)

Thank you for the great King Bed.  So comfortable!!  Great sleep.  Room nice and clean also.  Garden City, MI. (8/24/17)


Thank you for allowing us to stay at your beautiful motel.  The bed was the best part.  And I was super excited about having my morning coffee.  Thank you again.  Mt. Morris, MI.  (8-26-17)


Lovely room!  Will be back.  Thank you. M/M.  MI (8/26/17)


Happy Solar Eclipse Day.


From one Yale parent to another.  Thank you for providing us a quaint place to stay on our college road trip.  Ana and Tim.  (Aug 21, 2017)


We enjoyed our stay very much!  Thank you for providing a clean comfortable room!  Laura and Dave.  Mount Clemens, MI.  (8/15-17)


We love this place.  We will be back.  So relaxing and so wonderful!  Maybe see you next year.  Best of love and luck.  Mark and Alora.  Greenfield, IN.  (8-23-17

Love this place!  Cozy and comfy.  Knotty pine is wonderful.  Muriel is a delight!  Walking distance to downtown and the beach is a huge plus.  We will certainly come back again.  Ludington is a super town.  John and Maureen.  Indiana.  (Aug. 12, 2017.

Yummy and delicious from the comfy bed to the neat and clean surroundings.  Thank you for a short break from our crazy and wonderful life.  Mark and Lori.  Midland MI (8/5/7)


Comfy, quiet and clean, nostalgic, cozy all wrapped up together in this unique place.  We enjoyed our stay and meeting Muriel who is charming and very accommodating.  Thanks to her grandson who closed our windows for us.  PS.  Leisurely coffee on the porch was delightful and meeting Muriel's daughter.  Jane and Susan.  (August 15, 2017)


What a sweet little place!  Very quaint with comfortable beds.  A great place to stay.  Thank you for the restful accomodations and if we are back this way again, we will stop by.  (August 12th, 2017)


We loved the room.  We felt like we were in my husband's house where he grew up.  Built in the 50's.  Same paneling and same ceiling tiles.  The bed was very comfortable.  Thank you!  May God continue to bless and keep this place to all who pass through.  Chris and Lauren.  Indianapolis.  (August 5, 2017)


I loved reading your book.  I'm sure more people would if they knew about it.  Thank you for the peace and good wishes.  I'll think happily back on my time here.  Sallie.  (8/7--8-11)


Nice, quaint room.  Enjoyed our stay. Wish it could have been longer.  Dave and Dori.  Sleepy Eye, MN.  (8/13-14-17)


So glad we decided to book a room here.  Our first experience at a more rustic place.  It was so peaceful and homey.  Liked the cleanliness of the place. Thanks again.  Marilyn and Rob.  (August 11-12)


We enjoyed our stay.  We got in late so we appreciated the light left on for us.  Matthew and Cindy.  Lansing.  (8/17)


Lovely room.  This is the "quintessential" Michigan up North experience!  Thank you.  Cheryl.  (August 10, 2017)


Lovely place.  Very charming.  We enjoyed our stay and we will be back again and again.  Federico.  (Aug 10, 2017)



We stayed her the first time on our way to WI.  On the way back we called to stay again because we like it sooo much.  Clean, cute and great location. 

Johnathon and Beth.  (July 27, 2017)


Awesome place!! We'll be back.  Rich and Sue. (7/29/31)

Lovely place to visit.  Great beach. Thank you for your hospitality. (8/3/17)

"My room" has always been pleasant, but all the improvements--esp. the lights--make it perfect.  Thanks.  Gretchen.  See you in 2018, same time, same place.



Loved the room!  The rocking chair was an especially cute touch and the poems in the bathroom were adorable and informative.  Kayla and Kathleen.  Also the dinner recommendation was excellent. (8/2/17)


Like a motel of the 50's.  Very nostalgic!  Beth and Don.  VA. (Aug 4, 2017)


Charming room!  Quiet and cozy.  Loved it!  Karen and Roger.  Streator, IL (Aug 7, 2017)


Enjoyed the sculpture garden and secret dune hike you recommended.  This was a great introduction to Ludington.  Thank you for being so friendly.  Room was clean and comfortable.  Kim and Claudia.  (7-28-17)


Quiet, clean, comfy!  Great location.  And very helpful.  Thank you.  (1/29/17)


Great service.  Great location. Clean and cozy!!  Loved our stay.  Looking forward to our next visit.  Deb and Brent.  (7/31/17)


What a charming inn you have. Thank you for the great hospitality.  We will be back.  Art and Monica.  (8/6/17)We enjoyed our stay.  Loved our room.  Close to the beach. Had a good meal at Jamesport Brewery.  Ernie and Carla.  (7/31/17)


Thank you for the great service, Muriel.  This is a great place to stay.  Sorry we missed you!  Deb and Brent.  Room 3.  (8/1/17)


You always seem to have just one room for me!  Thanks again.  Jackie.  (August 1, 2017)


Wonderful stay!  Room was clean, comfortable and cozy.  Hostess was very kind and accomodating.  Dinner@James St. Brewery, good.  Breakfast@Brenda's Harbor Cafe.  Very good.  Michael and Elizabeth. Ferndale, MI.  (July 24, 2017)

Very nice location.  Cute rooms.  Thank you so much! (7/17)

Thanks so much for accommodations for us.  So clean, quiet and cozy as I pass through Ludington.  Muriel, you are a doll!  Thanks again.  Sharon and Carolin.  Waterford, MI.  (July, 2017)


Only stayed one night.  Would have liked to stay longer.  Lovely place. Comfy bed.  Hope to be back.  Lisa. WI (July 22nd-2017)


Very cozy, clean and private.  The bed was wonderful.  Thank you, Muriel!!

Mike and Kristi.  Alma, MI (July, 23, 2017)


A wonderful stay again.  Thank you so much.  All the comforts of home.  T and Steve.  (7-7-17)


Lovely room.  Comfortable bed.  Great location and friendly owners.  Wish we were staying longer to explore the area more.  We will definitely be back. Sandy and Charlene.  (July 18, 2017)


Thanks.  Clean, nice place to stay until next time!  The B's.  Grand Rapids. (7-17-17)


Very nicely decorated.  Clean and comfortable.  Muriel very gracious.  Enjoyed our stay.  Rich and C.  (7-18-`7)


Nice stay.  All went well.  Hope to see you again sometime.


Great little place.  Clean and quiet.  Close to the beach and town. The owner's beautiful spirit and accomadating attitude was a breath of fresh air.  A rarity in today's world.  Thanks for everything.  Garu amd Sherry.  Ky. (July 18, 2011)

A great place to stay!  Perfect walking distance from the beach.  Room felt like a home away from home.  So glad to have spent our first anniversary here.  Savannah and Mitchell.  (7/16/17)


Morning!  Our second stay at the Blue Spruce.  Love it.  Spent 3 nights four years ago, celebrating our 30th anniversary. Great  place to stay in October. Water a little cold.  But sunsets still beautiful. Muriel, a gracious host at Blue Spruce.  One can tell she cares for the lovely motel by thoughtful touches.  An eclectic mix of furniture, finishes and accents.  Thank you.  We'll be back.  David and Anne.   Indianapolis.  (17-July, 2017)


Third time to Ludington.  2nd time at Blue Spruce.  We will be back every year!  Great town, area and place.!  Thanks for the bigger garbage can!  Jeff and Patty.  IN (July 13-15-2017)


Very comfortable, clean and friendly.  Enjoyed our stay.  Thanks.  Nice location!  (7-13-2017)


Wonderful room and hosts.  Comfy and quiet neighborhood.  Close to beach.  We'll tell friends and we'll most likely be back.  Sara and Nathan. (July7-9, 2017)


It was Perfect.  Could have stayed longer.  Will recommend to others. (7/10/17)


Thank you for your hospitality.  The inn is charming and we look forward to staying again.  (7-9-17)


Enjoyed or 1st family vacation in our new van.  (7-16-17)



What a delightful surprise to find this little treasure of a motel.  This is my first visit but with a great location and clean and charming room and pleasant innkeeper, I will return.  S. K. (June 29, 2017)


Once again we had a wonderful stay,  The Blue Spruce is a gem of a motel.  Thank you and God Bless. Dion and Gay.  (July 4, 2017)


What a wonderful Place!  Sorry to be just passing through but hope to return some day.  Sheryl and Mike. Richmond, VA. (June 18, 2017)


Very nice and quaint place.  Very nice owner.  Had a great time.  Would surely return.  C. and D.  Howell, MI. (June 22, 2017)


Sweet little place.  Just passing through on our way to Wisconsin.  Some day we will come back and stay for more than just one night.  C. W.  Holland, MI (July 1, 2017)


Happy Birthday time.  Very nice room.  Location awesome!  A visit to the beach and lighthouse a must. Calleen E.  MI.  (July 2, 2017)


This is a lovely little place to stay in one of my favorite places on earth. The rooms are cozy and the staff is lovely.  And it's right in the heart of downtown.  (Oh, and we like the reading lamps)  Amanda and Gwen.  Sterling Hts. MI.  (July 4 and 5, 2017)


Great and awesome place to stay.  May be back with friends. Thanks.  The K's.  Iowa.  (July 5-6, 2017)


Thank you for a wonderful stay.  Muriel was so kind and hospitable.  Looking forward to exploring the State Park today on our 15 year anniversary.  Had a great evening at the Mitten Bar last night. Buffy and Ben.  Iowa City. IA. (6-29-17)


We loved our cozy, cottage-like room.  This was our first family stay with our two-year-old.  Loved the location here and Muriel was lovely.  Thank you for our stay.  We'll be back.  Nick and Megan.  MI. (7/3/17)


Loved our stay in our little mother-daughter get away!  Wonderful location and staff was so friendly.  Thank you!  Sarah and Noelle.  Farmington Hills, MI.  (7/6/17)

This is our 4th time here and we love it!  We had great weather and I'm sure we'll be back next summer. Ted and Sheila (6/25/17)


The second time here. Love it.  But wish the weather was better.  Got a good  night's sleep.  Thank you.  Stand and Sandy. MI (6/23/2017)


A lovely, comfortable quaint room.  Thanks, Debbie for recommending us to eat at the Jamesport Brewery.  We then dashed to the lighthouse to watch the sunset as you suggested.  We also saw the SS Badger set sail.  Thank you.  Elaine and Geoff (19th June 2017)


Charming.  Oustanding location.  Thank you.  Toni and Bob.  (6-27-17)




(JUNE 18, 2020)


Loved every minute of my homecoming to Ludington.  Thanks for accommodating me at the last minute.  The room was clean, cozy and great touches.  Will be back.  Pat F.  (6-18-17)



The inn looked quite cute and very very comfortable to stay in.  We arrived very late and were warmly greeted.  Sad we were not here earlier to see more of the area and the inn.  Sara.  (6-3-17)


What a great place to stay. Clean, cozy and comfortable.  We will remember Blue Spruce in the trips to Michigan.  Love the room and the decor.


The Mc.... Pittsburgh, PA.  (June 5, 2017)


Charming! Madison, WI.  (June 6, 2017)


Enjoyed the night.  Especially the whitefish at Steamers, sunset at the lighthouse.  On to Sleeping Bear Dunes. Bob and Janet (6/5/17)


I first started coming to the Blue Spruce with my grandparents over 60 years ago.  I love the coziness of the knotty pine.  Linda (6/6/17)

the inn looked quite cute and very very comfortable to stay in.  We arrived very late and were warmly greeted.  Sad we were not here earlier to see more of the area and the inn.  Sara.  (6-3-17)


What a great place to stay. Clean, cozy and comfortable.  We will remember Blue Spruce in the trips to Michigan.  Love the room and the decor.


The Mc.... Pittsburgh, PA.  (June 5, 2017)


Charming! Madison, WI.  (June 6, 2017)


Enjoyed the night.  Especially the whitefish at Steamers, sunset at the lighthouse.  On to Sleeping Bear Dunes. Bob and Janet (6/5/17)


I first started coming to the Blue Spruce with my grandparents over 60 years ago.  I love the coziness of the knotty pine.  Linda (6/6/17)



Beautiful room on the end. Love the towels.  We will see you in August.


Don and MaryEllen (5-26-17)


Kicked off the summer the right way. Staying at the Blue Spruce.  Love the new sign.  Gretchen and EJ.  (5-17-17)



Thank you, Muriel, for setting up our stay at your lovely motel.  We put you on the spot at the last minute, but you made arrangements easily.  Hope to return soon.  Eddie and Nancy.  (9/24/2016)


Had to leave for a night and couldn’t wait to get back.  So peaceful and comfy.  Has everything you need.  We will be back.  Jim and Julie. (Sept 5 and 6)


Very thankful that a cancellation opened up.  God’s provision and a blessing.  Will be praying for your family. Good stay as always.  My rocking chair is really comfortable and a great addition.  Hope to be back in the spring.  Before tourist season.  Jackie.  Sun Prairie, WI. (Oct 1, 2016)


Deb and Muriel:  We had a medical emergency in the family and so had to close early this year.  Jackie was one of our last guests and we look forward to her return next spring.


Knotty pine, air, TV, quaint, clean, perfect.  Thank you very much! We had a wonderful time in and around Ludington once again.  Matt and Doreen.  (9/23/16)


Muriel, thank you for your kindness.  I hope your grandson’s surgery went well and that he makes good progress.  I like the cozy room very much.  Lana. (9/21/16)


Had a wonderful, relaxing time celebrating our 5th anniversary.  Very cute place.  Great location.  Thank you Muriel for your hospitality during a stressful time with family illness.  Hope your grandson heals well and fast.  Chris and Leah. (10/2/16)


So much attention to detail; nothing done on the cheap, and so well maintained.  Charming.  Comfortable.  A pleasant surprise.  Thank you for your obvious care and concern, a sweet spirit is felt here.  And God bless you too.  S S.  (Sept, 18, 2016)


Wow!  More than wonderful--more like magical.  Thanks for the extra coffee and the extra love.  Love Ella.  (Sept 17, 2016)


Thank you for a wonderful visit.  I always enjoy the homey-cozy feeling of the Blue Spruce.  Great job of freshening up the rooms and outside too, while maintaining the original charm.  And thank your having the rooms so nice and clean as always.  See you my next journey.  Keith. (Sept 17, 2016)


You have a gem of a great place here.  Happy to have stayed her for sure.  The B's.  (Sept 11, 2016)


Charming room!!  Great find for us.  We'll remember you and stop here if we come this way again.  Pat and Frank.  Bike tour. (9/16We love your comfy, cozy and friendly inn.  I enjoyed spending my 68th birthday here.  Look forward to seeing you in the future.  Brian and Cheri.  (Sept 9, 2016)


Thank you for the wonderful and clean place to stay.  It's great to meet people who truly enjoy their business and it shows.  Thanks again for the hospitality.  Sandy.  (Sept 6, 2016)


Loved the room and am impressed with the cleaning.  Good location too.  Thank you.  (Sept 7, 2016)


Thanks so much!  A very pleasant and relaxing place to stay.  Hope to come again.  Robin.  


So cute we will be back.  Sally.  (Sept 10, 2016)


I felt like we found a gem.  What a great place.  Perfect location.  So clean and quaint.  We be back. We loved it.  Thank you.  The B's.  (August, 2016)


Thanks for the quiet night's rest.  A perfect place to rest.  Wish you well.  Chris and Mike.  Kent City, MI (Aug, 28,2016)


Muriel's a blast!  Love the knotty pine and the bed was great.  We'll be back.  The S's.  Livonia, MI (Labor Day, 2016)


We stayed at the Blue Spruce Sat and Sunday night.  What a charming, quaint place to stay.  Absolutely no complaints!  We had a wonderful time in Ludington.  We played golf at a house called Lakeside links, a beautiful course.  We love our morning walks out to the lighthouse where the Badger goes by at 8:30.  The sunsets, the lake, and Ludington in general will keep us coming back every summer.  Thank you for all you do to maintain the Blue Spruce.  Linda.  IN. (Sept 4, 2016)


Very comfortable and clean room.  We come here every year and would stay here again!  The M's.  (9/3/16)


Thank you for the great place to stay.  We had a great trip and a great experience.  Our kids loved their stay here.  The R's.  (Sept. 3, 2016)


Everything plus more!  This is our "sunrise, sunset" ride (Lexington to Ludington) and this place completed our "perfect trip."  We will be returning!  Thanks.  Cathy and Al.  Metamora, MI (9/5/16)


Thanks so much!  We really enjoyed the clean, comfortable room, as well as the peace and quiet.  You have a lovely spot and the prettiest beach we've seen in along time.  Laura and Dave.  (8-17-16)


This is my second year coming to the Blue Spruce. the stay was very comfortable and relaxing.  Hoping to return again another time.  Enjoyed my stay.  The location is central and walking friendly for the traveler.  Keep up the great service.  I will keep the Blue Spruce in my plans.  Paul. (8-24-16)


Muriel, you are awesome.  Thanks for the great tips and wonderful place to stay.  We love it here.  Wish we could stay longer but we'll be back.  Debbie and Bob.  (August, 2016)


Love the room and location.  Very clean.  Needs bigger TVs.  Went to Suds on the Shore and beer was amazing.  Don't be fooled by the building.  Beautiful sunsets!!  Great hospitality.  We will be back.  (Aug 22-16)


Clean, neat and tidy.  Love the rocker.  Close to the beach.  Linda, CO.  (Aug 22, 2016)


Not really enough time.  Lovely and with a smile.  (26/16)

Thanks so much for the comfortable and cozy room!  Perfect location for a mom and daughter weekend!  We were able to walk to all our destinations.  Watch the Badger sail out too!  Thanks for the warm hospitality.  Carlie and Grace. Zeeland, MI. (8-11-16)


The Blue Spruce is a gem.  We truly enjoyed our stay and hope to come back someday soon.  D & G.  Brighton, MI (8-15-16)


My sister and I had a wonderful time.  This is the perfect place to stay. (8-5-16)


Thank you.  We had a great time. Jack and Wendy.  (8-7-16)


Thank you for your warmth and friendly welcome.  Mu sister and I enjoyed our stay very much.  It was quiet and cozy.  A really nice walk to the beach and downtown area.  We will be back.  Judy and Janet.  Indiana.  (8-12-16)


The best night's stay in Michigan yet!!  I'm so glad we saved the best for last!!  Unfortunately we are only here for one night and must push on.  We will be back.  Promise!!  Dave and Kat.  Cedarbury, WI.  (8-2-19


Thank you so much.  We had a great time and were very comfortable here.  Daner and Rianner.  (8--2-16)


Thank you for your hospitality.  We enjoyed the stay and the area.  Jeff and Madeline.  (7-28-16)


Great Motel!  Thanks for the evening suggestions.  Bruce and Peggy.  MN.  (8-1-16)


The room met our  needs perfectly!  We enjoyed ourselves and greatly appreciated the water bottles.  Maureen and John.  Melrose MA.  (July 24, 2016)


Fred and Sherry from Ypsilante, MI.  An unexpected stop proved to be one of our best.  The owner is fantastic and the room was awesome.  Loved the town.  We will return.  (July 2, 2016)


Great room.  Great Price. Great Service!  We loved this room and the short walk to the beach.  Thanks.  Sarah and Sue.  (July, 2016)


This room is a hidden treasure.  We enjoyed our stay.  Sue.  (July 2016)


This is our third time celebrating our honeymoon/anniversary in Ludington at the Blue Spruce.  We always look forward to coming every year.  Love the proximity to the lake, the Mitten Bar, and House of Flavors for ice cream.  Plus you can't beat the disc golf in Ludington.  Also had a great adventure looking for the "Mystery Spot".  Quite a bit of a hike but the view is totally worth it.

Thanks for another great weekend.  See you next year.  Chicago, IL/ (July 22-2016)


Thank you.  We had a great time.  Blue Spruce was comfortable and we left refreshed.  Thank you for all your extra special touches.  Dan and Becky.  Indiana.  (July 29, 2016)


Came to Ludington via the Badger.  The Blue Spruce was just what we needed.  A quiet place where we cold relax.  Dinner at Jamesport was excellent.  You must have the cheesecake banana foster for dessert.  We are off the explore 

Ludington for the day. I'm sure we'll be back!  Jeff and Debbie.  Crownpoint, IN (July 23, 2016)


Thank you for the relaxing evening!  We just loved this sweet quaint room.  We were so tired.  It was very comfortable all the way around.  We will keep your motel number.  Sondra.  (July, 2016). 


My son and I came here to catch a salmon and we did:  22.5 and 20 lb.  We really enjoyed our stay.  The room was just right, very comfortable.   Reminded me of childhood trips to Michigan in the sixties.  Loved the town of Ludington and the true beauty of it along the lakeshore.  Thanking you and hoping to be back.  Frank & Seth.  Lake Norman, NC.  (7-17-20-2016)


A very nice welcome.  The room is decorated so lovingly.  We feel so comfortable here.  Thank you very much.  Switzerland.  (July 17, 2016)


We had a great time.  Perfect location.  Lovely room.  Gracious hosts.  Super exciting dune.  Was amazing! Jan and Tim.  (7/18-20-2016)

(Debbie and I love their climb!  They really did it.  To the top. Please ask about this climb if you come.  We call it our mystery climb)


Retro is ever so in!  Good good Place!  David and Gail. Hartford, WI. (7/11/16)


We had a wonderful time and the room was great!  Very clean.  You were a wonderful help and nice.  Lori and Keith.  (July 15-16, 2016



Enjoyed the Blue Spruce very much.  Awesome management.  Very helpful and friend.  Love the neighborhood and closeness to parks and beaches.  Thanks for the hospitality.  We will let friends know of the great accommodations.  Got to see the Badger lead forWisconsin this evening.  That was fun.  Fred and Bev.  Durand, MI. (July 6, 2016)


Stopped in Ludington for a day on our circle tour of Lake Michigan.  We made it to Big Sable lighthouse and back before the rain hit.  Refreshing after a hot and tiring week.  We appreciate the comfortable, clean, and affordable lodging!  sam and Meghan (7/7/16)


Nice, clean and quiet location.  Staff helpful.  Love Ludington.  Will be back.  Steve and Shelly.  IN (7-8-16)


Great location.  Very charming room.  Comfortable in every way.  We will return. Kelly and Matt.  (7/10/16)


Greetings from Greenville, TX.  Our stay here was wonderful.  Very quiet and relaxing.  We will definitely be coming back.  Jim and Landy.  (7/10/16)


We love it.  Our room was very nice.  We hope to return one day.  Senecaville, OH.  (July 8, 2016)


Very much enjoyed the hospitality and peacefulness in such a clean and neat room.  Rich and Roxane. (July 2016)


Was great!  Thanks for everything.  Tom and Ami.  (July, 2016)


Great place to stay.  Quiet and close to everything.  Love it!  Thanks.  (July 6, 2016)


Great getaway from Holland touring the bikes around.  Nice room and quiet.  Comfy bed and pillows.  Thanks.  (July 9, 2016) forWisconsin this evening.  That was fun.  Fred and Bev.  Durand, MI. (July 6, 2016)


Stopped in Ludington for a day on our circle tour of Lake Michigan.  We made it to Big Sable lighthouse and back before the rain hit.  Refreshing after a hot and tiring week.  We appreciate the comfortable, clean, and affordable lodging!  sam and Meghan (7/7/16)


Nice, clean and quiet location.  Staff helpful.  Love Ludington.  Will be back.  Steve and Shelly.  IN (7-8-16)


Great location.  Very charming room.  Comfortable in every way.  We will return. Kelly and Matt.  (7/10/16)


Greetings from Greenville, TX.  Our stay here was wonderful.  Very quiet and relaxing.  We will definitely be coming back.  Jim and Landy.  (7/10/16)


We love it.  Our room was very nice.  We hope to return one day.  Senecaville, OH.  (July 8, 2016)


Very much enjoyed the hospitality and peacefulness in such a clean and neat room.  Rich and Roxane. (July 2016)


Was great!  Thanks for everything.  Tom and Ami.  (July, 2016)


Great place to stay.  Quiet and close to everything.  Love it!  Thanks.  (July 6, 2016)


Great getaway from Holland touring the bikes around.  Nice room and quiet.  Comfy bed and pillows.  Thanks.  (July 9, 2016)


Nice unexpected stop on our circle tour.  We ate at PM Steamers and enjoyed the lovely meal and staff.  Room #6 was cozy and warm.  Thank you.  Heather and Kevin.  Chicago, IL.  (July, 2016)


Thank you.  Had a lovely stay.  Will come back.  Mariel.  (July, 2016)


Another beautiful stay!  See you next year.  Suzi and Doug.  Il.  (July 2-5)


The room was great!  Very clean and close to the beach.  We appreciate your hospitality.  Laurie and Allan and Tanner.  (July, 2016)


We loved the pine paneling and rocking chair.  (6/29/16)

Perfect spot!  Love the decor and special touches.  Clean and quiet.  Will stay here again.

Ontario, Canada (June 2016)


Great location!  Friendly staff.  Very helpful.  Love Ludington.  (June 25-28)


Thank you for your hospitality and for all your efforts to help us with our requests.  This was a trip we shall surely remember.  Green Bay, WI. June 26, 2016)


Thanks Muriel. A lovely night's sleep and a lovely room.  We had a great meal at James Street Brewery after your recommendation.  Thanks again.  Doug and Sarah.  Scotland.  (June 23, 2016)


We enjoyed our time here. What a quaint, retro room. Everything is so nice.  Location is a great one.  Can walk to the beach or downtown.  Ohio.  (June 22, 2016)


Nice cozy room.  Really like the real coffee cups and spoons.  Makes the coffee taste much better.  Great place to stay.  Quiet, but close to everything.  Comfortable beds, big fluffy bath towels and in room coffee maker are so nice.  Enjoyable stay while waiting to take the Badger across the Lake.  Would stay here again.  John and Betsy.  Conifer, CO.  (June 8-9, 2016)


I felt so safe in my bed for the duration of a thunderstorm.  I walked out to the lighthouse and allowed God to do His work in me.  We helped set a world record for the longest ice cream dessert. I even ate 1 more scoop to help finish it.  Such a loving community.  May God alway bless this place.  Terri.  TX.  (June10-12)


Thank you for your hospitality.  LaPorte, IN.  (June 13, 2016)


Room 2 last night, Room 1 tonight.  Both so comfortable.  Thank you for accommodating us this weekend.  Another fun Gus Macker weekend in our new cozy place.  Blue Spruce.  Cara and Gabe.  MI.  (June 17-18

Two nights my husband and I stayed.  Coming from Lansing we found peace and quiet and fantastic ice cream. The staff and owner were very 

friendly and accommodating.  The room was clean.  And bed great.  In five minutes we were snoring.  We will be coming here again.  The M's.  (June 12th and 13th, 2016)


Great place.  Perfect location!!  Staff was friendly and very accommodating.  Place was clean and we had a great time.  Thank you.  We'll come again.  (June, 2016)


Enjoyed our visit.  Cozy cottage feel.  Clean and comfortable.  The TV did not work.  Please offer instructions as most people don't really understand how electronics work.  Blessings.  Chris and Brian (June, 2016)

(From owner, Deb and Muriel.  Thank you so much for this tip on the TV.  We've reprogrammed the remotes so now they can be used by everyone easily.)


Was great. Thanks for everything.  Tom and Ami (June, 2016)

Thanks so much.  Loved the room.  All the comforts of home.  Nine touch: ½ and ½ for the coffee.  Barry and Jill. (May, 2016)


A gorgeous weekend in Ludington for my Mom’s 90th birthday.  The Blue Spruce Inn is a treasure.  Loved my cozy quiet cabin-in-the-woods room.  Will definitely stay here again!  Thank you!  Elizabeth.  Florida. (June 6, 2016)

Muriel,  thank you so much for all of your assistance.  Next time we are in Ludington we will plan on staying here!  Marcia and Kevin (May 19-23).


Beautiful place.  Thank you.  Love walking on the beach.  Keep an eye on your bird.  We hope to see you soon again.  (May, 2016)



We came here after a long drive and we were so surprised about how cute the room was.  The room was very quaint and romantic, almost like going back in time.  We truly enjoyed our stay here.  Wish it could have been longer!!  We plan on coming back next year!  Thanks again.   Brian and Kim.  IN.  (9/26/15/)


This place was the perfect romantic get away place to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary.  The place was way cuter than we imagined.  It was like staying in our own wooden cabin!  Perfect location for a sunset walk on the pier.  Also not that far of a walk from downtown.  We ate at Lucianos for dinner.  It was great.  Thank you for the recommendation!  We wish we could have stayed longer!  We will be back again.  The M's.  (9/27/15)


I am a throwback guy making this a perfect place to stay.  The location and cleanliness were great as was everything else:  Wi-fi, TV, fridge, and old pine walls.  I'll be back!  Randy.  Naperville, IL.  (Sept 30, 2015)


Your clever advertisement is what helped me make my decision and it is just as lovely as expected. Of course connecting with a long lost friend was such a wonderful surprise. You appear to make a great couple which is a blessing you found each other.  We shall look for your books.  Until our paths cross again.  Lou Ann and Duane.  (9/24/15)


This is our second visit to the "Blue" and our stay is as restful as the first.  We love how welcome and homey the Blue Spruce is for us.  My biggest request is cleanliness, followed by safety!  The "Blue" meets these requirements on all levels.  See you on our next trip.  The H's.  (9/25/15)


The perfect get away.  Decided to leave town for the night and could not be more happy where it ended.  Spent the most lovely day in Ludington and had such a wonderful stay here at the Blue Spruce. So welcoming and comfy.  Can't wait to revisit this beautiful town.  xxoo. (Sept 28th, 2015)


We really enjoyed our stay.  Your place is very clean and peaceful.  Angela and Pam. (9/28-15)


Thank you for a great stay.  Love the knotty pine walls.  Great memories.  Fun and low key.  We loved sitting out in the green chairs and drinking wine and meeting the folks in #2.  Mike and Judy and Jan.  (9/27/15)


The Blue Spruce is unequivocally a "Five Star"  motel:








We look forward to the rest of our stay and coming back in the future.

Harry and Cheryl.  (9/28/15)


We stayed for one night, did not want to leave.  Luckily someone changed their plans and we were able to stay for 2 more nights.  We loved it!  The rooms are so clean and lovely.  So relaxing and peaceful, but yet walking distance from everything!!  Muriel, thank you for everything!  Thank you for a wonderful visit. Kim and Brian.  Glenwood, IN.  (9/27/15)

So many words to describe our stay.  Relaxing, quiet, stress free, clean, comfy, beautiful.  Your inn is so unique.  I love that it is old school, yet with modern conveniences.  Muriel, you are a most gracious hostess.  Your loving touch is very evident all around your inn.  Thank you for your kind hospitality.  We look forward to our next visit.  Carol and Laney.  Marcellus, MI.  (September, 18, 2015)


What a nice, quiet, clean place to stay!  Love the quilt hanging on the wall, rocking chair (antique) and brass bed!  Cozy and clean. Thank you.   PS.  I might add friendly service also.  And very impressed with your harbour and beach.  Looks like a great place to live.  Don and Joyce.

 Puyallup, WA. (Sept, 2015)


Could not wait till we got here--very quiet--serene--and very retro!!!  Love it here!  May God keep blessing this motel.  Warmly, L and D (Sept. 18, 2015)


We had a great stay.  We were celebrating our 14th anniversary and loved just walking around the area.  This location was perfect!  We could get our coffee and then walk to the lake.  We loved how this place was set back into the neighborhood instead of being on the main road.  Everything was clean and the room smelled good when we walked in.  Thanks.  Nancy and Karl. (Sept 19, 2015)


What a lovely place and gracious hostess!  Staying here felt like staying with family.  Tim and Debbie. Clio, MI.  (9/12/15)


Nice room, loved the location.  Thanks.  Had a great trip.  Love Ludington.  Maybe get to see you again.  Linda and Penny.  (9-18-15)


Thanks so much for another great stay.  Too short. See you soon.  Jim and Liz.  (Sept 11,2015)


Great accommodations!  Would stay here again.  Within walking distance to lake and the downtown area.  Thank you!  Rob and Linda.  South Bend, IN.  (Labor Day, 2015)


Thanks for the hospitality.  May God continue to bless the quietest motel we've ever stayed at.  Bob and Bev.  (9-11-15)


We enjoyed the weekend here at the Blue Spruce.  The room was very cozy and inviting.  Thank you for your hospitality.  God Bless You!  Jerry and Juanita.  (9-11-13-2015)


Rhona and Cherri, celebrating Cherri's 70th birthday.  Lovely room.  Loved the location.  Thank you.  Rhona.  (9-22-15)

What a wonderful time we had!! And that had a lot to do with this wonderful room.  It was quiet, comfortable and cool.  We can't wait to come back and stay here again.  Thank you, Muriel, for making this room a home away from home and all your wonderful recommendations.  Your hospitality goes above and beyond. Your new friends, Jeff and Genna.  (Sept, 2015)


We really enjoyed our stay and the quiet environment.  You run a very lovely place.  We will definitely be back in the future.  (9/3  - 9/6)


Always a pleasure to stay at the Blue Spruce.  Thanks for having us!  Love Ludington and Lake Michigan.    Hope to see you again next year.  Martha and Joe.  (August 24, 2015)  


We have been coming here for the last three years and love it.  Hubby surprised me for our anniversary the first year and I'm sure we will be coming back for a while.  Perfect location.  Quiet.  Clean.  Comfortable.  Very nice staff.  Enjoyed our stay.  Love,  the K's.  Fort Wayne, IN.  (Sept 6,2015)


Labor Day Weekend, 2015.  Loved it!!  Thanks.  Kurt and Kim.  MI.  


This charming "Blue Spruce Inn" reminded me of the quaint cottages in the Lake District of England and Scotland.  So neat, clean and such lush towels, etc. Just remember when I write my 6 editions of my memoirs, I will ask your advise on getting started.  (more than happy too, of course).  Enjoyed every minute here.  We would love to hear you and your husband speak.  God Bless.  Nancy and Dave.


This place is so cute!  Don't change it.  Quaint, but with everything you need.  Love it.  Thanks for being so sweet too.  David and Amy.  (9-12-17)

The Blue Spruce is a perfect little gem for our girls' weekend.  The owner was so nice and friendly and accommodated us with special requests.  The room has a great warm up north feel.  And you can't beat the location. We'll be back for sure.  The Girls!  (8-30-15)


What a wonderful experience!  I have to agree with others, very clean, comfortable, peaceful room close to everything wanted to do when bicycling.  It is nice to be able to explore the town on foot and not worry about locking my bike up everywhere I go.  Although I don't think I'd have to worry about it here.  Everybody in the town is so friendly. Especially  welcoming was Muriel.  Listening to my adventures and being really helpful.  I'll be back!  Patrick Emerick.  Sheboygan, WI.  (8-28-15)


We visited Ludington several years ago and by chance found Blue Spruce.  Have been coming back ever since.  Great place.  Quiet.  Clean. Staff very personable. Thanks so much.  Steve and Shelly.  Indiana.  (Aug 21, 2015)


Wonderful place!  We stayed here on our way back to Chicago.  Our one- year-old took full advantage of the king-sized bed!  Thank you, Sarah, Ryan, and Erie.  (August 17, 2015)


We had a lovely stay.  Thank you for all the help and advise--and the warm welcome.  Toby and Colette.  London, England.  (Sept. 1, 2015)


We really enjoyed staying here.  Very comfy and cozy.  The location is wonderful for walking to dinner and viewing the sunset.  Thank you.  Heidi and Chris.  (August 20, 2015)


Lucky us, scored 2 rooms at the Blue Spruce and a sunny day!  Morning hike and lunch at S.P.  Early check in.   Thanks, Muriel.  So then baby Helen could nap.  Afternoon spend on beach playing in the sand and the waves.  Dinner at Jamesport Brewery and dessert at House of Flavors.

Perfect motel to come home to for a good night's sleep before hitting the road home.  So glad we discovered this little oasis.  Chris and Nancy (grandma and Grandpa), Brad and Rachel (Mama and Dada), Helen and baby on the way.  W. Bloomfiend, MI and Pittsburgh, PA.  (August 27th, 2015)


We had a great stay here in Ludington--a mother-and-daughter weekend.  Loved the motel--super clean!  Nice to have Internet/air conditioning/cable. Love being able to walk almost everywhere we wanted to go.  Thank you.  T and D.  (8-22-2015)


We enjoyed a restful, quiet night.  We appreciate the cute, clean room!

Karen and Scott.  Livingston, TX. (8-21-15)


Thank you for such great hospitality!  Our room is beautiful and clean.  Love finding place like yours, Muriel.  It is far better to stay at a warm and inviting place than one of those chains.  Thank you again.  Jackson, MI  (August, 2015)


We truly enjoyed our stay here.  What a wonderful place. Thank you for your hospitality.  Love it.  Randy and christ.  IL.  (8-15-15)


Wonderful memories here at the Blue Spruce.  Thank you for keeping this going.  We had a wonderful time visiting again.  Paul and Ashley.  (August 19, 2015)

We have truly enjoyed our stay at the Blue Spruce in Ludington.  It is peaceful and yet so close to the beautiful Lake Michigan and the Historic Old Towne of Ludington.  Our lovely cottage room is just what we were looking for and so fresh and clean.  Thank you, Muriel, for your hospitality!  Mary and Bob. Go Boilers!!!.  (7/29/15


Thank you again for yet another great time.  My favorite things:  

your friendly attitude, treating us like family.


Fluffy towels.

New Floor

The rocker in my roo.

The reading lamps.

The plastic hangers!


Oh, the new paint colors and the serenity too.


See you next year. Gretchen.  (8-4-5)


Great place to stay.  Very clean, cute place, convenient, friendly.  Definitely will be back.  Mike and Rosie.  Richland, MI (Aug 4, 2015)


We so enjoyed our stay here!  Nice clean room, great service, such a beautiful town!  It was our first time to visit Ludington but hopefully not our last.  Thank you.  John and Renee.  Soldotna, ALaska.  (July 30, 2015)


Blissfully quiet and serene.  Both the lovely room and Ludington.  Gloria.  Beloit WI.  (July, 2015)


Exactly what I hoped it was!  Quaint, clean and comfortable.  Great "staff."

Central, MI.  (July, 2015)


Very very relaxing.  A really nice room.  Like the big trees and cardinals.  A really restfull time for us. Tom T.  Athens WI.  (Aug 4, 2015)


Thank you so much for the wonderful night's stay.  It was truly a pleasure.  You and Anna were so nice as usual.  The hardwood floor is very very nice.  Ludington is a pleasure in itself.  Good health and God Bless and you yours.  Till we see you again.  Randy & Sheila.  (7-24-15)


Hello Blue Spruce:

No pool, no micro, no bathtub, just 7 units in a residential area.  A very pretty room.  Perfect!  R and J K.  Greendale, WI (July 22, 2015)  PS.  We'll be back for a third time. 


Enjoyed our stay for the weekend very much!  Loved your town, lake and your inn!  Thank you.  Auburn, IN.  (July 17 & 18)


A great visit and hope to return.  Thanks, Muriel, for all your help in finding activities in town.  Charles.   (july 25, 2015)


We came here for our honeymoon and had to come back for our one year anniversary.  We love the Blue Spruce and the upgrades to the room.  Can't wait to come back. Michael and Kara.  Chicago.  (7-19-15)


A clean, cute comfortable room and our very own trail angel!  Thank you.  Stan and Cynthia.  Inwood, IA (July 20, 2015)


Wonderful Danish hospitality.  Thanks for the recommendation for PM Steamers for dinner.  Tom.  (7-22-15)


Our visit visit to Ludington and loving it.  Blue Spruce in an awesome cozy place to stop!  So close to beach, shops, etc.  Looking forward to coming back.  Thank you.  Nancy and Bill.  Cincinnati, Ohio.  (7-24-15)


Very cute and cozy!!  Thankful you had an opening.  Will return.  Great charm.  Audrey and Kurt.  Northville, MI.  (7-25-15)


So glad we decided to take the Badger Ferry on Sunday morning early, thus leaving us a stay in Ludington.  What a charming place!!  The rooms are so clean and charming.  I love all things vintage and this place fits the need!  Muriel was so helpful with directing us to the sights and for dinner.  We will definitely recommend this great place to family and friends.  Gary and Alice.  Laveen.  (July 11, 2015)


This is a perfect example of a retro country charm, which is so often hard to find.  Clean and charming.  Thank you.  Detroit & Chicago.  (July, 2015)


We sure enjoyed our sty at the Blue Spruce.  The cabin was so homey.  The beds were comfy.  Thanks for leaving the door unlocked for us.  Penny and Kathy.  (July8, 2015)


Enjoyed our stay.  Nice room and friendly people.  Leon and Kati.  Nambia.  (July 8, 2015)


What a lovely room!  Thank your for everything.  (7/5/2015)


Another wonderful visit.  We’ll be back!  Birmingham, MI (7/5/15)


Thank you for a wonderful weekend.  We loved the room.  We also are donating a fan and beach chair and some alcohol to the room.  The items won’t fit on the bike.  (7/12/15)


So enjoyed our stay with you.  Felt like family.  Clean and comfortable.  Susan and Dave.  Indianapolis, IN.  (6/29/2015


Exactly the kind of Mom and Pop style motel we always look for but seldom find.  Personalized, friendly service along with a non-cookiecutter, Mc-Establishment type.  Ambience! DON’T CHANGE!  Patti and Mike.  Seminole, FL (6/28/15)


We really enjoyed our say.  We room was exceptionally clean, the bed was very comfortable and it is so nice and quiet.  Muriel, you are very sweet.  Thank you for keeping this place so retro.  It reminded me of my grandparents’ lake cottage.  Loved it!  Gene and Judy.  North Branch, MI (6/25-6/27)


We found our stay very satisfying.  Quaint room and friendly owners.  Thanks a lot, Muriel!  (Oh, and comfy beds!).  The H’s.  ( 6-29-15)

We had a lovely two days here and wish we could stay longer.  We’ll be back!  The weather was perfect—blue sky and sunshine each day.  We will spread the world to family and friends about what a great place this is.  Ted and Sheila.   6/24/15


Our first visit to Ludington.  We love it and look forward to coming back.  We appreciate our warm welcome here at the Blue Spruce. Thank you to Muriel and Debbie for making us feel at home.  Chuck and Sue.  Pleasant Lake, MI. (Memorial Day Weekend, May 21-27) 


The Blue Spruce Inn has been very accommodating, bringing fresh towels, drinking water, and coffee each day!  Though the lake and wind were very chilly, our room here always felt very warm and welcoming.  We hope to visit Ludington again and when we do we’ll definitely stay at the Blue Spruce Inn.  (5/25/15)


Had a great stay!  Loved the room, loved the people and slept great!  Can't wait for our next visit in a few weeks.  JBW.  Michigan State.  Go Green.  (6/2/15)


This was the perfect destination for our one year wedding anniversary.  Ludington is such a beautiful, incredibly friendly town.  We could not have felt more welcome.  The Blue Spruce was the perfect choice to stay--quiet, relaxing and close to the beach. We had such a great time and will be back to visit.  Matt and Riley. Delta, Ohio.  (June, 4, 2015


We had a lovely stay!  Thank you for your hospitality.  If we ever get back to Ludington we'd love to stay here.  Thanks.  The E's. (June 7, 2015)


Thanks for making our family trip memorable.  We enjoyed our stay.  The P's.  Michigan.  (6/17/15)


We enjoyed our stay very much!  We will be back! Pamela and Caleb and Ella.  June 17, 2015. (Holland, MI)


Loved our stay here.  Hope to be back again with our bikes in warm weather.  Thanks for your hospitality.  Fun way to spend a birthday.  Mark and Karen.  Grafton, WI.  (10/6/14)


What a warm welcome!  Great suggestion for dinner but my hubby wanted KFC.  Was excited to find out Muriel is a Christian.  God puts people in our lives for a reason.  I bought her book, started reading it and right away it caught my interest.  Looking forward to reading more.  I actually turned the heat down.  I love retro and this truly reminds me of it.  I am here only to catch the ferry--am very tired or I would have walked the beach.  God Bless.  Londa and David.  (10/1/14)

We are a married couple--at last!  Our journey started 12 years ago through  This (Sept 27th) was our wedding night, spent at the Blue Spruce.  We are each 56 years old.  The Blue Spruce is our kind of place.  Not all stainless steel and marble, but the homey knotty pine and beautiful decor.  So clean and comfortable.  The Blue Spruce will be our go to place when staying in Ludington.  We will not keep this as our secret place.  Everyone should experience the Blue Spruce charm.  Don and Jean.  Muskegon, MI.  (Sept. 27th, 2014)


Lucy and I enjoyed the accommodations.  Love the Blue Spruce Inn.  Perfect!  Will be calling for reservations in the future as I/we will be traveling through Ludington from time to time.  Thank you, Muriel, for your kindness.  Jackie and Lucy.  Sun Prairie, WI.  PS. Can't wait to tell others.  Very quaint, charming and comfortable.  (Sept. 29, 2014)

We enjoyed our stay.  Room 7 is a great room.  Everything was great.  Thank you for everything.  We will be sure to tell our friends and family about this great find.  Grand Rapids, MI.  (9/26/14)


Second time staying.  Very clean and quaint.  Enjoyed our stay.  Love Ludington.  Saw the most amazing sunset.  Doreen and Matt.  (Sept 26th, 2014)


We love Ludington!  And we love the Blue Spruce Inn!  Thank you, Muriel, for your hospitality.  We will be back next year.  Randy and Darlene.  Amhurst, MA.  (Sept 24, 2014)


Nice to see what's on the other side of the lake.  Beautiful!  Mark and Charlene.  Graffton, WI.  (Sept. 20, 2014)


Thank you.  Such a sweet place.  (Sept. 26, 2014)


Restful, quiet, comfy.  Just perfect for celebrating our anniversary.  Thanks.  Peter and Judy.  Windsor, Ontario.  (Sept., 25, 2014)

Our night here was splendid.  Love our room, the touches--from the poems to the little tea plate that held the cream and sugars.  They were wonderful! When our daughter made the reservations she said, "my goodness, that lady is so sweet." And when she checked in she knew it was you!  Thank you for the warm hospitality.  the Mom and Dad.  (Sept 13-14)


Rosemarie and Christopher.  Lansing, MI (Sept, 19, 2014)


There was a gal named Muriel 

As sweet as breakfast cereal

She ran a quaint motel

We hope she'll never sell

Folks come from far and wide

To sit and watch the tide

Our bed was oh so fine

It didn't hurt our spines!

In the morning we got up 

And brewed ourselves a cup.

In closing I will say

There was nothing that we lacked.  

And not to much time will pass

Until we will be back.


Thank you, Muriel

Rosemarie and Christopher.  Lansing, MI (Sept, 19, 2014)


We came to Ludington for my wife, Tricia's birthday and for a little R & R.  We had never been here before.  My wife had made the reservations for this little place called The Ludington Blue Spruce Inn.  Little did we know what a find we had!  Muriel is just so warm and inviting that you either want to stay forever or take her home with you--a new addition to the family!  The room is perfect.  Cabin retro feel!  And no phones, very small TV's (I didn't come here to watch TV)  We came here to decompress from a very hectic life and enjoy a very wonderful lady's birthday.  That's just what the inn offers and delivers.  Thanks, Muriel, for the wonderful flowers for Tricia.  Thanks for making this weekend so special.  We'll be back soon.  Luke & Tricia.  Westphalia, MI.  (Sept. 12-15


Quiet room--much appreciated after a long rainy day on the Manistee, catching a giant chinook.  It was awesome!  Thanks for the freezer for the fish!  Deb and John.  Dewitt, MI.  (11 spet, 2014)


The room was great.  Thanks for the hospitality.  I really appreciated the Roku box and wished more places would have that.  Thanks again.  Nate.  Grand Rapids, MI.  (9-11-14)


Absolutely love this place!  Quiet, friendly, cozy.  And Ludington is the Best Kept Secret!  Will return for sure.  Thank you, Muriel, for a homey place to stay.  Larry and Pat.  Kearney, MO.  (9-4-2014)


As we travel we always prefer to stay at the small, privately owned motels and give our $$ to them instead of the big hotel chains.  We were so pleased with our stay at the Blue Spruce.  Clean, quaint, quiet and comfortable. Warm, friendly owners and adorable rooms.  Ludington is a beautiful area.  Gary and Patty.  Carleton, MI.  (9-1-14)


We were treated royally during our short stay.  It was nice that the park, that the "Moving Wall" was in and was only a couple of blacks from our motel.  I've never been hugged, slapped on the back and had my hand shaken as much as it  was during our weekend.  The people of Ludington were great!  Thank you.  Richard and Donella.  Tecumseh, MI.  (Aug 31,2014)


This was like visiting Michigan in the 1950's--brought back memories.  Thank you for the retro experience and for the cleanliness.  (8/21/2014)


Thank you for the nice visit.  Everything was clean and neat.  This little motel took us back to days gone by.  Dick and Ginnie.  Ester, FL.  (August 23, 2014)


The room and motel was perfect.  Very good location.  We loved Ludington.  Chicago, Il and Suttons Bay, MI.  (August 31, 2012)


Clean, comfortable and quiet.  Two sound sleeping nights.  We will use the Blue Spruce whenever we are in the area.  (8-31-2014)


Very nice room.  Enjoyed our stay.  Bill and Bev.  Lafayette, IN.  (8-21-14)


You have a lovely motel.  We enjoyed our stay.  Your recommendation of Steamers for dinner was perfect.  A little suggestion--a table of some type in  room--otherwise great.  Phil and Annie.  Jasper, IN (8-22-14)  (We will look into this, and see if we can fit a table nicely in.  Thanks.)


We were only here for one night, but we couldn't have asked for a better location or room--very clean and tidy.  Would definitely stay again.  Thank you, Muriel.  Grand Rapids, MI. (8-24-14)


The Blue Spruce Inn blessed our hearts.  We decided to head out for a weekend away before the fall schedules come upon us.  We loved the quaint room and quiet atmosphere.  Muriel was so kind and accommodating.  We would come back for sure!  God bless this inn and make His face to shine upon it.  Warmly, Dave and Bethann.  Marchionna, MI.  (8-24-2014)


What a quaint place to stay!  This motel was an excellent choice for my 1st triathlon!  RH.  (8-24-14)


Great Place!  Great location!  See you again soon!  Tim.  Redford Twp.  MI.  (8-13-14)


Just checked in and love the room--so charming!  Getting ready for the Ludington Lighthouse Triathlon!  So glad that we are so close to the beach!  Will check back in with more thoughts as the stay goes on.  Back...finished the Triathlon!  That was hard, but what an accomplishment.  Will be back.  Gail, Julie and Mary.  (8-23-14)


What a charming place.  It reminded us of when we were kids and traveled Route 66 with our family.  Dinner at PM Steamers was fabulous.  Antique stores were fun.  Everything was within walking distance.

Gary, Leah, Jean.  (8/20/14)


Such a cozy place in the heart of downtown Ludington and just a block or so away from the beach and marina.  So easy to forget about our real lives and to live simply, laugh and to enjoy our family.  Thank you for keeping this nostalgic gem alive and wonderfully maintained.  We wish you all our best.  Maumee, Ohio.  (8-14-14)


This is the second time that we stayed here ,and, as the first time, it was super clean and peaceful.  Location is ideal, so close to things yet far enough to relax.  The owners are so friendly and helpful.  We truly relax.  Thank you.  (August 11th, 2014)


Loved the cozy charm of the knotty pin and red roses on white spread.  A real home away from home.  Thanks also for the great hospitality.  Hope to get his way again.  Alice. South Bend, IN (August, 2014)


Lovely room--clean, comfortable and attractive.  Excellent location.  'Roku" box appreciated!  Enjoyed our stay.  Jim and Marcia.  Jackson, MI (August, 2014)


Loved the room.  Just what we were looking for.  Slept like babies.  Lamarks, IA. (8/7/14)


For those of you who know 'em I leave my thoughts in a poem.

We booked on-line

Love the knotty pine

Our pictures will surely show 'em.

Joah, Koty and Jack .  Golden, CO. (8/10/14)


Muriel and Deborah:  We so enjoyed our stay at your motel.  I'm so glad I discovered it online in 2012.  Can you believe we sat at Stearns Park tonight with jackets and a blanket in July??  Hoping to see you next summer.  Suzy and Tom  Westfield, IN.  (7/31/14)


A nice 1-day stay.  Enjoyed our short visit to town.  Harbor, shopping, ice cream!  Appreciated your hospitality.  Jeanie and Charlie.  Bellaire Bluffs, FL.  (8/4/14)


We sadly only had one night here in Ludington, but we had a great evening and very very comfortable here at the Blue Spruce Motel.  Thank you for being able to take our booking on such short notice.  Many thanks.  Jill and Mark.  England.  (8/3/2014)


A very very restful place and very comfortable.  Thank you.  Tom and Karen.  Athens, WI. (8/5/14)


We had a good time.  The city is cute with all its comfort.  The State Park is fun and we enjoyed the hiking.  Thanks.  (July 31, 2014)


Cute room.  Perfect!  Eric and Stella.  Paris, France.  (8/5/14)


Thank you for a very clean place to stay away from home.  Very homey atmosphere.   Love the plaques on the wall.  Very warm welcome.  (July 27th, 2014)


Thanks so much for a clean room and all the necessities that we needed.  Appreciate very much.  (7/28/14)


Thank you so much.  We love the Blue Spruce Motel!  This was our 2nd stay and we will always come back here when in Ludington! Had a bad experience with uncomfortable beds at another hotel in town last year.  (Stayed there because we couldn't get a room here.) The beds here are wonderful; rooms are clean and cute and Muriel and her daughter are just great.  Warm, friendly people, quiet rooms...what more could you ask for!  We'll be back!  God Bless and all the best to you.  Steve and Troy.  (July 20-14, 2014)


What a quaint little place!  Extremely clean and cozy!  No need for car.  Walked everywhere.  Beautiful little town--everyone so friendly!  Thank you for a great stay!  Will definitely be back!  Sanara.  (July 25-28, 2014)


If you find the knotty pine panels missing from this room, we loved it so much we took it with us instead of stealing the towels.  Bed very comfortable.  Thanks.  Eric and Cheryl.  Albion, MI.  (July 15, 2014)


The Blue Spruce is blocks from where I grew up.  It encapsulates all that Ludington was and thankfully still is.  We love it here and will cherish our time and memories.  (July 14, 2014)



Love,  love, love the pillows, mattress.  Perfect location.  We walked everywhere.  Muriel is a sweetheart.  Thank you so much and may the Lord bless you always.  Bill and Cathy.  Shelby Twp. MI. (7-6-8-2014)


Thank you for the wonderful days here in beautiful Ludington!!  The fireworks were awesome and the location can’t be beat!!  (July 4-6, 2014)


I love the room and the Netflix provided.  Of course location awesome.  Cozy, quaint.  Thank you for the coffee, cot and coffee maker and ice machine and service each day.  Northville, MI. (7-6-2014)


Thank you so much for rearranging for us.  We enjoyed our stay here.  Sincerely.  Dearborn MI. (July 2-10)


Fantastic night stay!  Hope to see you again.  (7-3-14)


Very nice area.  Cute room.  (7-9-14)


We had a great time!  First time here and hope to be back in the future.  Very clean and lovely.  Thanks.  Franklin TN.  (7-4-6-2014)

“Charming” room.  Steamers had excellent eats.  Have a great day.  Arly and Michele. (6-19-14)


It was lovely.  Thanks for the stay.  Patty and Scott.  Sperawny, IN.  (7-2-14)


We lost the Gus Macker.  It sucked and we are bummed.  The weather was foggy the whole weekend, but guess what, we had a blast!  Good friends and lots of drinks!  We would love to come back to the Blue Spruce Inn next year.  The office lady was very nice.  Thanks.  Travis.  Mishavahn, IN (6-21-14)


Such a lovely, quiet, restful place to relax, contemplate and recharge.  Fresh air and sunshine are so good for the soul.  We loved our stay.  Sandy and Lou. (6/28/14)


There goes the Badger again!  You can count on it twice a day—come rain or shine. That’s a Ludington staple.  We enjoyed everything about our stay in Ludington, and especially getting to know Muriel, Debbie and the Blue Spruce Inn.  The beds were comfortable and we slept well.  The water was hot, the soap smelled great and we thought our room was generous in size.  As we had 3 smokers in our group, the smoking rules seemed a bit harsh but you have a right to run your place as you see fit.  Ice was plentiful when you needed it and our rooms were turned over quickly and efficiently.  The location to the beach was wonderful.  We enjoyed out stay.  We hope to see you again!  Susan and Dave.  Indianapolis, IN.  July 2014.  (We loved hosting  you!  Thanks for this detailed review.  We shall give some thought to finding a spot away from the other guests  where smokers can be comfortable.)


Great place.  Clean, comfortable, and quiet!  Great price too.  Kzoo Crew.  (6-24-14)


Thanks you, Muriel, for having such a lovely place.  We really enjoyed a couple of days here.  We both needed a break from our very busy lives.   Dennis and Jean.  (7-2-14)


What a great place to stay!  The knotty pine paneling, Amish rocking chair, the location to Stearns Park Beach could not be better.   The rain wasn’t great, but this is a fantastic spot in which to read and sit for periods of time.   Thank you for your hospitality and graciousness.  With regards.  Best Wishes.  Portland OR.  (June 11, 2014)


Thank you for a great time.  Enjoyed our stay here very much.  Looking forward to coming back soon!  Larry and Diana.  Royal Oak, MI (June 12th-15th, 2014)


I very much enjoyed the Blue Spruce.  This was my first time in Ludington and I will definitely be back.   Thanks!  Michael.  (6/3/2014)


Thanks for a lovely stay!  Ed.  (6/10/2014)


This was our second visit here.  We were here last year and loved it so much we had to come back.  Muriel is a very sweet woman.  She makes this little inn feel like home. Tomorrow is our first wedding anniversary and we couldn’t have picked a better place with the “charm” and “coziness” that this one has.   Ted and Carrie.  Clarkston, MI.  (6/14/2014)


Great Stay here.  I can see why you are a writer.  This town seems to be built for epiphanies.  Once again this reliable motel played a part in my magical evening.  Thanks for the bottled water.  Sam (May, 2014)


We enjoyed staying here again.  We think it was 6 years ago.  You have a nice personality.  Hope it will be nice for you.  Thanks.  Gloria and John, Higgins Lake, MI. (May, 20, 2014)


Have to give your Inn 2 Q’s and 2 C’s.  Cute, Quaint, Clean and Comfortable!  What more could we ask for?  Would stay here again next time we come to Ludington.   Loved the mattress and pillows!  Thanks.  Holland MI (May, 2014)


Great location (close to House of Flavors) and very adequate for our stay in Ludington.  Kyle appreciated the Roku.  Thanks for your hospitality.  Bob and Kyle.  (5,24,14).



Had a great stay. Thank you for the great stay Deb. We will be back  Rachel and Matt (Oct 2013)

Debbies dinner recommendation of the James port Brewing Company was a winner! Sorry we couldn't stay longer in this delightful spot Barb and Kathleen ( Oct 2, 2013)


Very nice room and very quiet. Comfortable bed. Great location. Thank you so much  Gail and Steve (9-25-2013)


We had a lovely stay at the Blue Spruce. Everything was “just right”  Muriel-Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Deb- Thanks for the great care. We will be back  Ann and Chuck Keating  (1-1-2013)


Something told me to come look for hotels in Ludington. You deserve a five star rating. From the patio chairs which are my favorites to the absolutely adorable room. Wish we could take your room with us ( Sept 29,2013)

Another beautiful day in Ludington and another wonderful stay at the Blue Spruce. . Thank you Chuck and Luann . New Berlin Wi. ( sepy 2013)


Very very comfortable bed and cute room. A pleasant surprise. Thanks Carl and Nancy (9-28-13)


We really enjoyed Ludington and staying at your wonderful motel. We wish our stay could have been longer and we didn't have to back to reality so soon. Thank you so much for your hospitality. Kate and Justin Grandrapids Michigan (9-29-13)


We love your little jewel here in Ludington. My favorite amenity is the authentic bent wood rocker. If the weather had not been so nice I might have rocker all day  We will definitely see you again. Cariine and Bruce (9-27-13)


Thakns to Muriel and Debbie for a comfy, relaxing clean room. We appreciate the attention to perios style details and furnishings. David and I will be back for another re-charge. All the best to you both. God Bless David and Anne Bond . Indianapapolis . In.  Muriel -your descriptions and writing make the website. Your words lured us to the Blu Spruce. Nice job  (sept,22-25, 2013)


We were here one night but it was a walk back in time. Warm helpful people welcomed and assisted us on arrival. Clean and neat noise free restful night was a joy. We hope to return to this lovely area and motel Tom and Bev 9(9-24-13)


We had a great time. Nice cozy place. It is beautiful up here in Ludington. Marge and Robert ( 9-22-13)


Thank you Muriel for your graciousness. Very sweet place! . Great location near the lake. Took Molly for a nice walk.  Little details were thoughtful like the soft kleenex Trish and Kevin ( 9-21-13)

Thanks for a delightful visit, though short, and thank you muriel for you graciousness when we arrived late Quant and nice , neat accommodations. ( sept 19, 2013) 


Such a nice and clean room.  One of the best night’s sleep I have had in a long time.  Love that town was in walking distance.  Muriel, thank you for the lovely time.  We will be back and tell everyone about your place here.  Diane and Greg.  Otsego, MI.  (August 29, 2013)


Thank you for a very nice stay.  We hope to return someday.  Charlotte, NC.  (September)


Another beautiful day in Ludington and another wonderful stay at the Blue Spruce.  Thank you.  Chuck and Luann.  New Berlin, WI.  (Sept, 2013)


Do not change anything!  Loved our short stay!  Kevin and Mel.  (September 15th, 2013)


Thanks for the homey atmosphere and hospitality.  We had a wonderful stay in Ludington and at The Blue Spruce.  Thanks again.  Letty and Jason.  Martin, WI.  (9-9-2013). 


Thank you from NM.  Loved the damp, cool weather.  Had a wonderful stay.  Thank you.  Donna and Joanne.  (9/13/13)


We stayed for our sixth wedding anniversary and everything was perfect.  Very comfortable room and I absolutely love the linens.  The bedspreads are so cute and felt like sleeping at Grandma’s.  Lovely city, great hotel, comfort and style.  Heather and Doug.  (9-15-13).


Thank you, Muriel, for a great stay.  The room was perfect for the 2 of us and we love the location.  Your hospitality will go home with us and we’ll plan to come back again.  Karen.  (9-1-2013)


Thank you for the best week of the year!  We so enjoy coming home to the Blue Spruce!  Liz and Jim.  (September, 2013)


Thank you for the warm welcome and friendly service!  The rooms are beautiful and clean.  Great location!!!!  (September, 2013)

We had a very late arrival and when we showed up, the light was on and the door was open.  How welcoming.  Something unheard of these days!  All the personal touches made the stay so cozy and special.  It was like going back in time.  Who has a real key to their room anymore?  We loved our stay!   Thank you and we’ll be back.  Greg and Karen.  (Aug. 26, 2013)


We had a pleasant stay.  Everything was very clean.  We especially liked the thick towels.  Thank you for a quiet and restful night’s stay.  (August 28, 2013)


Reminds me of the house I grew up in.  Very cozy and clean.  Thank you!  Sarah, Jim and George.  (Aug 23, 2013)


Thank you so much for your kind and lovely hospitality.  We hope to stay here again.  I will be recommending you to our friends and family!  Have a wonderful rest of the summer.  Tina and Teddy.  Boston, MA.  (8/26/13)


We had a great time meeting with family in Ludington.  Loved being in walking distance to the beach and downtown!  Jenifer, Bryan, and Jackson.  South Lyon, MI.  (9/2/13)


My husband and I came here as our last retreat together before our 1st child is born in December.  The knotty pine rooms made for a cozy retreat.  We loved how close we were to everything.  It was real nice being able to go down to the beach every evening to watch the sun set.  The beds were great and provided me enough support using the extra pillows under my belly so that I didn’t even roll onto our little girl.  Thanks so much for your hospitality.  Heather and Jeff.  (8-30-9-2-2013)


Bed was very comfortable.  Room super clean and quiet.  Slept like a rock!  Drew and Mary.  St. Paul, MN.  (Aug. 29, 2013)


Enjoyed the quietness of the room.  Enjoyed meeting and chatting with you, Muriel.  Louie.  (9/3-4/13)


Thank you for keeping this wonderful part of American history alive and well.  I only stay at small business, vintage motels, and along my travels have met many like-minded individually/family-run enthusiasts.  The rooms are so cozy and pleasant to be in—and, no, they are not too small.  The blond wood desk is gorgeous, especially with that chair.  But does the refrigerator have to sit on the desk?  I am such a throwback that I’d have bled to open the windows.  I tried but they seemed stuck and I didn’t want to break anything.  The full experience is to hear the birds singing in the morning.  Thank you for your special –rave—motel.  I love it!  Darleen.  Brooklyn, NY.  (August 21, 2013)


Muriel and Debbie’s response:  We thank you so much for your suggestion, Darlene.  We will move the refrigerator to another spot.  We are busy figuring out just where it would best fit.  And thanks for the wonderful  words about our preserving this bit of motel  history.  We love doing that!  It was our motivator in buying this motel.  As to the windows, they are vintage 1949.  They do open, but it takes a pinch of the levers between two fingers, very odd, but once it is done, you can hear all the birds in the yard. 


The room is very cozy and cute.  Would be nice to have the fridge located somewhere else so the desk could be used.   Other than that the room is really good.  Anna.  (August 24, 2013)


Thanks, Anna, and we will move that refrigerator!




Thank you for the great night’s sleep.  (8/16)


Really enjoyed our stay.  Debbie and Muriel were so helpful and gave us so much good info about the Ludington area.  Great bath towels.  Thanks.  Al and Nancy.  (8/18/13)


The room was absolutely adorable!  Great location.  Loved it.  Bob and Kim.  Midland, MI. (Aug. 17, 2013)


Innkeepers were friendly, accommodating.  Very warm and wonderful.  Nice comfortable bed.  We both loved the towels.  Very quiet area, but close to everything.  Our little dog loved his beach.  Hope to visit soon again.  Phyllis and Kaitlyn.  (8-16-13)


Great room.  Very quiet and peaceful.  Had a great time.  We’ll be back.  Steve and Evi.  (8/15/13)


Thank you so much for having our whole family here.  Your 4 rooms were perfect.  Thank you for the homemade soap, cards and books.  We shall return.  (8/16/2012)


What a peaceful spot.  We can tell so much thought has been put into every detail.  Thank you for a happy stay!  Dorothy and Carl.  (New York, NY)


Cute and functional.  The location is great.  We felt at home here.  Our only problem is the blinds do not like to close for some reason.  (We will attend to that right away).


We fell in love with Ludington and the surrounding area.  So much to do.  Thank you for a great stay.  (August, 2013)


Fabulous time!  Everyone so nice.  Muriel so sweet to bring me a flower for my birthday!  We couldn't have made a better choice of where to stay.  Our whole family loved it here.  (August, 2013)


What a beautiful place you have!  So close to your beautiful town—walking distance to everything!  Thank you for such a clean, neat accommodation and coffee and hospitality.  Tom and Bev.  Clarkston, MI.  (8-8-13)


Love the kitschy décor.  Rooms very quiet, bed great!  So was shampoo.  John and Carole.  Libertyville, IL.  (Aug. 2, 2013)


I’m already planning a return, convenient visit to Ludington.  A weekend is not enough.  Friendly.  Love the home atmosphere and comfort of your place.  I want to take the bed home with me.   Woodsdale, IL.  Teri   (August 9, 2013)


We had a great 1-night stay here.  The most comfortable bed ever.  We slept so well.  The staff was good to bring our 3-year-old his own air mattress to sleep on.  He said it was “very comfy.”  The shower pressure and temperatures were great—better even than home.  Thank you!  (8/6/2013)


We had a wonderful 3-night stay.  Muriel is a great lady.  The bed was very comfy. The shower was hot.  We’ll be back.  Don and Ann, Paw Paw, MI.  (8/2/13)


Cozy, cozy, cozy, that sums it up.  Ed, Shelley and Bella, Grosse Ile, MI.  (8/6/2013)


We really enjoyed staying here.  Such a cute and comfortable place.  We came here once before and we said we will come back for sure.  Pat and John.  (July 27, 2013)


Muriel and Debbie:  Thank you for the tea to warm me after a cold wet motorcycle ride. We appreciate your hospitality and the lovely room.  We feel rested and enjoyed the atmosphere and coziness.  Katy and Rich.  Madison, WI (July, 2013)


The quilt is lovely.  The bed was comfortable and the towels were  great!  (July 31, 2013).


Such a very clean and comfortable room.  Loved the towels.  Your daughter/granddaughter was very helpful with our check in.  A very sweet young lady.  Janet and Bob.  (7-31-13)

Staying at the Blue Spruce Inn was a very enjoyable and relaxing experience.  The motel is a well-preserved example of the motels from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  It was very comfortable and the bed was in great shape.  Thank you so much for accommodating us, and we will be back.  Tom & Jeanne.  East China, MI. (uly, 24, 2013).


We really enjoyed staying here.  Such a cute and comfortable place.  We came here once before and said we will come back for sure.  Pat and John.  (July 27, 2013)


We had a great one night stay after getting off the boat.  We slept great in the cool, dark room.  Would come back again.  Thank you.  Rachel and Eric.  Milwaukee, WI.  Oh, dinner at PM Steamers was excellent.  (July 16, 2013)


What a wonderful cozy, homey place to spend part of our honeymoon adventure.  Very clean, neat with a very comfy bed, nice linens too!  We loved everything about this place.  We will return again and again.  Thanks for your kind hospitality.  Dave and Cindy.  (7/13/2013)


So happy I took a chance and chose you over the others.  My kids and I had such a fun day here.  The ferry trip back to WI came too soon.  Thank you for the great memories and clean and hospitable place to stay.  We’ll be back in 2014.  P.S.  I especially love the bath towels!  Tina, Max, Eden.  (7/15/2013)


Thanks for the clean room and plush towels!  (July 8, 2013)


Very cute & cozy room.  Loved the pillows and bed was very comfy.  Enjoyed our stay.  Lansing, MI ( July, 2013)


My husband and I thought the room was quiet, cute and very welcoming.  We will stay here again!  (July 12, 2013)


Thank you.  It was very charming.  (July, 2013)


Very cute and cozy room.  Loved the bed and pillows.  Was very comfy.  Enjoyed our stay.  Lansing, MI. (7-3-1213)


Had a great time.  Will be back!  Beautiful, I must say.  Bigger coffeepot would be nice though.  Fluffy pillows and towels.  Great shower.  Nice and clean.  Heather and Brian.  (7/4-5/2013)


Muriel and Debbie.  Thanks so much for everything.  We had a wonderful time here.  The room is very comfortable and cozy.  We will be back if we get this way again.   We will sure recommend this place to our friends and family.  Take care.  Bob and Marie.  (7/4-5/2013)


Very cut and cozy room and clean!  We enjoyed our stay.  Thank you.  Doug and Laurel.  Ann Arbor, MI (7/6/2013)


Wonderful place!  We had a great time, beautiful weather.  We’ll be back!  Mary and Bill.  (7, 2013)

A lovely, quiet spot.  Many thoughtful touches from the comfy mattress and pillows to the fluffy bath towels.  My husband especially liked the soft Kleenex (he has allergies).  All in all we would definitely come again.  Just the spot to be near everything you want and far enough from everything to relax.  Thanks.  Julie and Curt.  London, Ontario.  (June 18, 2013)


Had a great time!  Rooms were very nice and clearn.  Also it was a quiet place.  We love it and hope to be back.  Who ever drew the welcome picture?  That was an added blessing.  Dave and Cathy (6-9-13)


Thanks so much for everything.  We had a wonderful time here.  The room is very comfortable and cozy.  I will soon be back!  Rose.  Chicago, IL.  (6/3/13)


We chose you, Muriel, over someone who was $11 cheaper a night because you answered the phone so sweetly.  The lady I talked to at the other hotel was very rude and why would I want to stay somewhere with rude customer service?  I thank you for you kindness and cute room to stay in.  Thank you!  Sydney and Kyle.  (5/23/13)


Friendly, warm greeting at the desk.  Cozy, up-north feeling in the room.  Very, very comfortable beds.  Slept like a charm.  Tom and Nancy B.  Sandusky, MI (6/6/13)


Quiet, clean and cute—and the perfect location!  Thank your for a lovely place to stay.  I hope to be back soon!  Janine.  Traverse City.  (6-2013)


Thank you so much for your hospitality.  It was a great room with lots of privacy.  Thanks again.  Melissa and Haley.  (June 15, 2013)


Clean and thoughtfully proportioned rooms.  Muriel, an interesting woman with stories to tell.  Lovely time in Ludington.  Inn is walking distance to everywhere.  Do recommend PM Steamers for dinner.  The rainbow trout on cherrywood plank.  Sarah and Joe, Grand Rapids, MI.  (5/5/13) 


Quaint, quiet, cozy room, conveniently close to downtown and beach.  Great service and a lovely place to stay.  Our only complaint, the rain!  But we had a great time anyway.  S and John, Grand Rapids, MI. (5/11/13)



Very nice accommodations.  As a child of the 50’s-60’s, it felt like a motel from that era.  Nice and quiet too.  Very good reading lights in bed.  Gail H.  (4/28/13)


Thank you for a great bed, wonderful linens, a clean room.  Not to mention the friendly, warm service.  We’ll be back!  (5-10-13)


Charming furnishings.  Nice strong spray on the showerhead.  The light at the head of the bed next to the door won’t stay on.  (May 10, 2013) (It’s on our list to fix.)



The bed was soft,

The room was cool,

The shower was perfect,

Cleanliness the rule


The folks were friendly,

The service was fine,

The stay was fantastic,

See you next time.

For Sure!

Jim and Mooween, Chicago (08/28/2012)


Thank you so much for wonderful stay.  Your hospitality was amazing.  Our next stay in Ludington will definitely be here.  We were saddened to have to leave so soon but promise to be back again.  Thank you again once more.  Johnathan and Cassandra.  Wayland, MI.  (Sept 2, 2012)

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